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April 14. 2014

Popping in before Passover…

Hibiscus #7 ™ Kombucha from GT's Enlightened Organic Raw Kombucha line - yum!

I thought you might like to know that I’m alive; along with all four of my children. We’re not totally well, at least not the three year old, but we are on the way! The ringworm ordeal was a total doozy. Let me tell you.

We’ve had a busy bunch of weeks – in-between washing everything that stands still in our house. I’m coming to grips with the fact that this three and a half weeks plus spring break week are putting our school year into July or later. Whatever – I’m OK. It’s too hot to do much in Texas past July anyway. Might as well keep our minds fresh by finishing history, math, Physics and Chemistry, right?!

We got a power riding mower from a friend at my husband’s office (the Lord heard our prayers on that one) and an attachable trailer for it. It has been so much easier mowing at my mom’s place lately – and the next time we go out, we’ll be able to finish cutting down a tree that is dead in the back of her land without having to manually haul all the trunk to her fence, over her fence, and to the burn pile.

Outdoor chores...

So very thankful for surprise blessings to make life easier (especially on my honey who works so hard out there and is extremely allergic to grass cuttings). Now if only I had a magic wand that cleared mesquite trees.

We’ve been having great successes with our natural doctor and diet changes. My daughter’s digestion tract issues have all but disappeared along with her allergies. I wish I could get my husband to go see the “witch doctor” (as he so affectionately calls him). I’m feeling great and my knee has stopped hurting.

Kicking ringworm butt with Young Living oils.

I’ve also been wowed by all the oils I got when I signed up for Young Living. I’m always the last person to get on the band-wagon – call me a skeptic – but the Lemon oil from YL has been what cured my personal ringworm issue. Not only that, but my husband and son used the Pan Away for a debilitating pain on the knee (17 yo) and elbow (hubby) and were amazed that it actually worked better than anything they have ever tried for body pain before. Prior to using it, my son was telling me he was going to have to sit down and not put any more weight on his knee because it was swelling! Not only the oils, but the Thieves cleaner and purse sprays have become our #1 alternative “Lysol” to prevent fungus and bacteria and clean with. I spray the mattresses, couches and clothes hampers every single day with it… and we take it with us to clean off chairs and tables when we eat out. I use it to spray my hands after I go to the grocery store, too. I’m in love with it. No more hand gel for me – ever!

[I know I sound like an advertisement and you probably have heard about it from some other (more fantastic and put-together) blogger, but if you do decide to sign up or have questions, I'd love for you to join my network and get oils from me! I'm sold. Shoot me an email or use my contact form and I'd be happy to share the love.]

Tacodeli's El Picosito - Sprittibee's favorite Taco in Austin, TX

I’m getting used to living without sugar. In fact, I was in a little bit of a funk at first, but we have been getting more creative. I made a copycat recipe for my favorite Tacodeli taco last night and plan to share the recipe soon!

If you want to go sugar free (and starve the viruses, bad bacteria, and cancer cells in your body) – you can. It just takes a little creativity. You start by finding substitutes for things you know you are going to want. For me, this was CHOCOLATE.

New stevia chocolate crush - going sugar free makes you a grocery sleuth. ❤️

Morgan made her first scoby – a fungus that adds probiotics and fizz to tea called “Kombucha”. I’m still waiting for the tea.

Ok, @brewcrew95 - are you sure we aren't going to die if we drink this fungus? That's all I need is another fungal saga. #scary #motherfungus #kombucha #scobyfirsts

She flavored it and it’s due to be ready to drink any day now. Jury is out on whether it will taste anything like Synergy (my favorite brand). I love the hibiscus, lavender, citrus and passionberry.

My boys have been getting two baths a day, lots of different types of tinctures and herbs to rid them of the ringworm, and tons of sunshine. They are really enjoying the yard and helped us weed and prepare the garden last week. I may be late, but I think I’ll plant some things this weekend and try to catch up with this growing season.

Ringworm therapy: sunshine

Still haven’t let the cats in. They are moping, but I’m going to wait until the baby is totally well and they have had plenty more sulphur baths and vet testing before they live on our carpet again. Even then, I’ll not be able to let them in our rooms because the fungus spores can live up to a year and I don’t know if there are any under our beds that we may have missed – where a kitty cat might have holed up to take a warm nap. Heartbreaking, I know. I feel like even after we are well and the cats are back in, I’ll have to vacuum twice a week and change sheets twice a week (which sounds like nothing when you do it daily) to make sure the cats don’t pick up stray spores and get them on things. Also – I won’t ever be able to let them back outside… because if they got the spores in our dirt under the bushes, it could thrive there and be waiting for them.

Can’t live in fear, though. Just have to move on from here and do the next thing.

The next thing happens to be PASSOVER today. Yes, Christians sometimes celebrate it!

Easter (2013) - Passover (5773)  ...item 2.. ORTHODOX UNION - Lamb Shashlik (Feb 28th, 2013) ...item 3.. Tips for an Allergy-Friendly Passover (Mar 6th, 2013) ...

We are having a guest over to celebrate with us (and it’s her birthday). I’m off to scour Pinterest for fun recipes and get the house tidy for tonight. I pray you have a wonderful Passover, Good Friday, and Easter Celebration with your family.

{ He is risen! }

In His Grip,


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* Credits to marsmet547 for the bottom photo.

April 3. 2014

Still in the Saga… and a Story of How God Answered a Prayer

Endless Motion #ringworm #quarantine #laundrypurgatory

It’s funny how God brings you through layers of new revelations if you stick with Him through a difficulty. You get a glimpse of the beauty in the pain of a transformation at the potter’s wheel. This last two weeks has been a flurry of motion – doing the next thing – putting fires out – refocusing on family and dropping all other distractions. That’s what you do in a health crisis… you double down and lick wounds.

When the quiet comes, even in the motion… always the constant sound of the washer and dryer rumbling, the little ones being little, the dishes clinking in the sink… you hear God speaking words of change to your heart.

He found a heart shaped chip! ❤️

It’s in hardship that God does housecleaning.

Somehow I know this, too, will be used for our good… even if I can’t see past the doctor bills and laundry piles.

Headscarves, sheets, and prayers for the DEATH of all ringworm spores in the world. #Amen

I remember a time in Houston when our house flooded three times. We moved in, we moved out, we moved in, we moved out… then we moved in and out again. God did a lot of things during those years. I’ll tell you one of the stories just for kicks…

So we had this red minivan. Ugly as sin. Had a sliding door that was automatic. We thought we had graduated into the adult world with our two kids and minivan. We certainly had – and it came with all the payments adults pay. It was sinking us into a financial hole.

After a while, we both knew the van had to go. I wanted to stay home with the kids and homeschool them. We had to get rid of some overhead or it wasn’t going to happen.

We prayed and agreed that God wanted to bless us and that if He wanted to bless us, He would give us a blessing that did not put us further into debt. We prayed that if God wanted us to sell the car, we would know it was from Him if we got an offer that was AT LEAST what we owed on the vehicle so we wouldn’t be in the hole.

Then we started looking for a buyer for the van. The first lot offered us 100$ less than what we owed. My husband begged me to take the deal. I refused. “Remember our prayer?” I asked him. We can’t just pray one thing and do something else. Reluctantly, he agreed to try again.

The next dealer offered us four THOUSAND dollars less than what we owed (we still owed 10K on it). My husband was devastated. I was so disappointed. Neither of us could understand why God wouldn’t jump on the chance to bless us since we were obviously waiting on Him, believing he would… and we were wanting to get OUT of debt and downsize the car.

The third dealership we tried was Carmax. They offered us 6 THOUSAND dollars less than what we owed. We went home in despair.

Not long after the Carmax episode, we were driving down the freeway with our babies in their car seats (both the older two kids were young enough to be in boosters and car seats at this time)… and the SLIDING DOORS started opening while we were going over 60 miles an hour.

We were stuck in a vehicle that was not only bankrupting us, but now it was DANGEROUS to our children.

Thankfully, the van only popped open like that while we were driving about three times total… before God sent the rain. It rained for days and weeks, it seemed. Tropical Storm Allison flooded almost the entire city of Houston. People were air-boated out of our neighborhood. Kevin had to wade in water up to his chest to get to our house to save our cat. We had escaped the night of the bayou flooding because his father had drove over to get us – and water was lapping at his HOOD on his truck by the time we were finally turning out on to the main road. We were so afraid it would stall. Inside our one-story home, we had over two feet of water damage… pretty much everything lost.

Guess what? The VAN had water up to the DASH. It was totaled. The insurance check was for FIVE THOUSAND dollars over what we owed for it.

God had come through in a big way. Even though it wasn’t the way we would have ever asked Him to do it.

The point to this story? He knows better than I. I know He loves us. I know that if I just keep my eyes on Him, we’re going to be OK. It may take a few months to get healed – and a few more for the cats. Who knows? Somehow He’ll work it out.

Clean laundry purgatory... #ringwormsaga

Do you have a story of when God answered a prayer in a different way than you imagined? When He blessed you through a difficult time? I’d love to hear it. It will give me some encouragement when I wake up at 2AM to rotate the laundry and can’t fall back asleep right away.

In His Grip,


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March 29. 2014

Little Rascals and a Give Away


I have some little rascals at my house. I can relate with movies like Dennis the Menace and most recently, Little Rascals Save the Day. I was glad to get a chance to review the DVD before it hits the stores on April 1st. Since I have my copy, I’ll be picking up a copy of Walter Mitty (also out April 1st) instead.

My boys… well, the younger two, liked The Little Rascals Save the Day much better than Walter Mitty, though. Mitty was a little above their age level. I talked about that movie over at the Homeschool Post yesterday when I put up the Field Trip link-up for March. Have you stopped by over there to say congrats to the new queen of the Homeschool Post and link up your latest field trip adventure?

Are you looking for a few good movies for a family movie night? This one is pretty cute.

See for yourself with the official trailer:

I like how pro-family the movie is – with children trying to help their grandmother save her bakery, and a police officer being told by his fiance that she doesn’t want to be with a guy who doesn’t like children. The kid actors/actresses were really sweet. They have a funtastic steampunk clubhouse with working inventive contraptions, and they come up with zany ideas on how to raise money for their grandma to pay off her bank debt that will make you laugh out loud. My 5 and 3 year old schemers really loved it (as if they needed any new ideas).

From the PR team who shared the movie with me:

The movie extols the value of friendship, leadership, teamwork, fair play, and “lending a helping hand to those in need.” It also casts a favorable light on capitalism as the kids embark on a series of business ventures that have to be seen to be believed! Parents will also love the classic scenes harvested from the original series, such as the kids’ “taxi kab” flying down the street with no brakes, complete with flying pedestrians and other fast-motion special effects (and for the aficionados, shot in the very same steep-hilled Echo Park neighborhood as the original!). Most of all, THE LITTLE RASCALS SAVE THE DAY gives parents an opportunity to experience an authentic Hal Roach classic all over again – this time with their own children!

Would you like your own copy? I have one to give away!

Here’s an easy entry Rafflecopter – just comment and click … good luck!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In Him,


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