I’m Back!


Just popping in after a nice, long weekend with family… to say that I’m back. As with all long weekends away – they bring with them piles of laundry, suitcases to unpack, messes to clean up, and a rush for the following Monday! I’m on my way to register to vote today (THE LAST DAY IN TX TO REGISTER). Have I ever told you that I work well under pressure?

We were up at 6:30am and are going strong… I’ll leave you with my to-do list for this week. I promise to try to get it checked off so I can come back to blog world again! Until then… have a super day out there!

Heather’s Monday List

Register to vote
Unpack suitcases & put away
Call on co-op field trip and get finalized
Email co-op with details of field trip & get final count
Date set for robotics night
Call friend
Update and check calendar
Print new Feb. month-view Calendar for dayplanner
Renew books online at library
Bible & Devo w/ Daddy before he leaves for work
Prayer, Prayer Journal, Math, Penmanship…

Rest of school done…
Clean out emails
Buy cat food – poor kitties!
Clean house for the week
Laundry mountain
What’s for dinner? – oops! Chipotle it was!
Get church contribution document to tax man
Blog something (sorry – no Pulitzer prize for me today!)
Get copy of photos from this weekend from grandparents
Assignments for Heart of the Matter done
Swap Present sent (oops – late!)
Grocery shopping & Menu

… etc…

I’ll be adding to this list later. I’ll be back to posting as usual tomorrow, most likely. I miss reading my favorite blogs, too. So I might just pop in on you tonight if I can get ahead of myself!

Have a great week!

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  1. says

    I’m assuming you mean last day to register to vote to be able to vote in the primaries?

    we’re going to have to put registering to vote in a higher priority this year or we won’t get to vote in the presidential vote. (which, as the candidates narrow, is starting to look like less and less of a tragedy!)

  2. says

    Yes – primaries…

    I don’t agree… I always think voting is important – whether we get exactly what we want or not. It affects our children and even us (bad policies/bad judges appointed).

    I’m not sure who I’m voting for… Huckabee or Paul. It is really a draw with me. I heard Huckabee speak on TV this past weekend and he made a lot of sense. I do NOT like McCain or Romney – but I would rather see one of them win than Osama or the Hillbillary.

  3. says

    What a busy day you have planned! I also mailed out my swap today (I deleted her address and then my computer was down for days). All mailed out now. I have one even better than almost forgetting to vote…I didn’t realize voting was tomorrow until I went to the library today to pick up books!!
    Have a great day!

  4. says

    Yeah but at least then I’d have a reason not to have to make a decision.

    If McCain wins the Repub nomination, I’m going to have real difficulties deciding who to vote for. I’m okay with Huckabee or Romney and I don’t think Ron Paul has a feather’s chance.