A Winner… and a lot of Waiting


Slow like a snow day around here… waiting, watching, anticipating.

The photo above is from last February. Silly cactus in the snow. Just around the corner now, we wait for another miracle to be delivered in February 2011… a tiny WARM gift of life.

As I contemplate and contract… I just wanted to pop in to tell you who the winner was for the nature guides:


Email me and I’ll get your info to to Waterford so you can get your prize!

Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to get up from this chair and go lay down on my side… because it seems that there are little feet lodged in my lungs and my tail-bone can’t take the weight of a 37 week manatee unless done in short and spread-apart 15 minute intervals.

Check back in tomorrow. Maybe I’ll feel up to actually writing a real post.