Red Lipstick, Fast Cars, and Flexible Homeschooling

Lipstick Mess #terrible3s #toddler #lipstick #mess #cars #makeup

I had high hopes for today. I stayed up burning the midnight oil (isn’t that what Proverbs 31 women are supposed to do?) to prepare for the week. I sorted and opened the mail that piled up last week. I went through the papers, magazines and books that were overflowing on the dining table. I consolidated sticky notes in to my weekly list. I checked the calendar and dug out of my overflowing email boxes.

I was going to take this week by storm.

At 8:12 AM, I awoke to a sleepy baby whining for mama to nurse him once more before the day began, and realized I was still tired after going to bed at 2. The house was quiet and the only noise was the air conditioner and the birds outside. Since the kids had sniffles yesterday, and we had gone to bed a little late, I figured I would let them sleep in until they were ready to wake up. I was hoping it put everyone in a super mood to tackle Monday with. Mondays are hard.

At almost 9 AM, I heard the toddler chirping happily about something in the game room and got up to see what he was doing. I was ill prepared for the discovery I made in the nursery…

RED lipstick. ALL over the room.

Kids and Carpet #mess #lipstick #toddler #terrible3s

Every toy in sight was covered. The entire length of his huge window sill, the blinds, the unfinished wooden dresser, his lamp, the carpet, and his bedspread. I wasn’t worried about the shirt he was wearing… but again, it was ruined, too. By the grace of God, I never once batted an eyelash. I just picked up the bag of wipes and started helping his big sister (who had been sleeping through his self-taught finger-painting class) to clean up the mess.

A friend called and asked if she could come by to visit, and offered to help me clean up the mess. She brought over breakfast tacos at noon. We ditched school to clean house this morning and managed to mop, fold and put away 4 loads of laundry, get most of the lipstick mess cleaned up, and do the dishes.

Birth of a #DIY project... #photoadayjune #lowangle #toddler #lipstick #mess #dresser #unfinishedwood

Three of my kids were taking sinus meds today, too. The oldest looked like a nap was in his future this afternoon.

My plans to take this week by storm? Tossed out the window – the same window that still sparkles a bit with the metallic sheen of lipstick residue.

Such is the life of a homeschool mama. Kids will keep you on your toes, won’t they? Or on your knees, busy scrubbing the carpet with wipes.

Terrible Threes #mess #lipstick #toddler #photoadayjune #lowAngle

I’ll let you know how the DIY projects go as we try to recover from the latest toddler design disaster. I still have to re-paint the white dining room cabinets for the third time, too. The whole world is his canvas.

If you have any ideas on getting lipstick out of a light tan bedspread, let me know.

Here’s to a super awesome Tuesday. Without any ‘exciting surprises’.


In His Grip,
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  1. Tricia says

    A friend of mine SWEARS by Off Bug Spray to remove nearly anything from anywhere (she has three precious boys who are well, boys!). Give it a try :)

  2. Brook Sheller says

    Cracking up! I so get it. My daughter is 7 and im just now learning how to flow with the rough ones knowing tomorrow will be different.

  3. says

    I have something for you to use to try to get the lipstick out. I can send it to you for free to try. I am curious to see how well it will work. The Norwex Enviro cloth should do it.

  4. says

    Oh bless you!! I just can’t even imagine. Maybe there is such a thing as “colorless” lipstick that only works when on lips – much like those Colorwonder markers. :)

  5. says

    “Such is the life of a homeschool mama.” Yep!
    “Kids will keep you on your toes” Yep!
    “Or on your knees” Yep! and not just scrubbing, praying like crazy!
    Thanks for being real.

  6. says

    If all else fails, I use Clorox Gentle Bleach, because for the most part bleach and I are mortal enemies, before buying the Gentle bleach I had a load 3 loads after I used the bleach come out with nasty while bleach spots!
    Now I can use bleach with confidence and use and old toothbrush to work it into the stains. It took out purple crayon from my daughters special choir shirt, after it had been thru the dryer.