Random Things You Might Want to Know

Empty Bookcases, Fraidy Cats #cats #pets

Cats like empty book cases.

No, seriously. They do.

Carpet Day falls on the Fourth #july4 @lowes

In case you were wondering what your floor might look like without carpet… now you know.

That’s the cheap padding.

My toenails are pink. Well, they were in that picture. Now they are red and orange.

Padding for the Game Room #carpet #homeimprovement

I haven’t tired of the teal blue walls in the game room.

Five years worth of dust. Yuck. #carpet #homeimprovement

There was an awful lot of dust and grit on the floor under our carpet and pad. We swept and swept – and it made us sneeze.

Now the air filters need changing. Go figure.

New Carpet Love #carpet @lowes

I love my new carpet. It looks like a whole new house in here.

{The end.}

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