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Late night grocery run. #bokeh #life

I mentioned a week ago that I got a new phone – an android phone – from AT&T. They wanted to let a few bloggers try the wallet-free payment system called Isis that is being advertised all over town. Apparently Austin and Salt Lake City are the start-up cities, and we live relatively close to Austin.


We had quite a few choices of places that take the new Isis wireless wallet when we set out on a venture to try it the first time – all of them inside Austin city limits. There was Jamba Juice, Macy’s, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Double Dave’s Pizza, Waterloo Records, Book People, and more. However, I figured most people that I relate to on a daily basis online are more focused on nurturing and educating their kids than they are spending money on frills (and for some of us in this economy, even eating out at restaurants is a frill). So we decided to take the kids to Whole Foods for dinner, since they were one of the listed Isis retailers.

Checking out with my AT&T Isis wallet. #samp #ATTisis

I should have taken them there for groceries instead. After we made our way through the maze of food choices and packed our little recyclable cardboard boxes full of the many different salad bar, potato bar, soup bar, barbecue bar, hot meal bar, and cookie bar items they had available (plus drinks, chocolate, and pudding), we ended up with a ticket totaling 82 dollars. EIGHTY TWO DOLLARS. Granted, we usually get water when we eat out, and we don’t get dessert for the most part, but we each only got ONE meal plus a few cookies and a drink when all was said and done. We got 5 meals. The babies shared what amounted to a box of rice and corn, and two chocolate milks – which I can hardly call a “meal”.

Thankfully, the food was pretty good (especially the Chicken Tikka Masala and grilled corn). However, we did have to return the pre-packaged hot orange chicken and rice meal we got for our fifteen year old. I never return food, but this was just not something any of us would trade him for (as much as he tried to talk us in to it). It was pasty and gross; and it was NINE dollars, so I wasn’t about to just throw it in the trash.

#ATTisis mobile wallet close up : touch phone to pay & go.

The clerks at the counter were very helpful and polite. They returned the food for us and tried to put the money back on my Isis mobile wallet using my phone. Again, the lights on the register didn’t turn green like they had when AT&T tested it at their store downtown. I was worried that BOTH transactions didn’t actually register since the cash on my re-loadable Isis cash card didn’t seem to be updating with the transactions. I had no idea how long it was supposed to take, but it wasn’t instant, and so far, it hasn’t happened.

I contacted AT&T and they said that the system is really new and they apologized for all the issues. They told me to try again. Next time I might see if there’s a GAS STATION on the list of places that take Isis. Since next week is Thanksgiving and all… and we already have our turkey. I’m planning to spend the rest of our holiday budget on getting to Pop and Nana’s to indulge in my favorite meal of the year.

Cranberry. Pie. Sweet Potatoes. Oh my!

I sure hope Isis gets the kinks worked out. The concept of wallet-free transactions is cutting edge. I’m not sure if I would connect my bank account to it, but having a cash free system on a trip – like this pre-paid card that is on my phone right now – is ideal.

On a side note: Amazingly, I have come to really like my new Samsung Galaxy S III. My only problem with it so far is that – even though the camera is superior – it doesn’t have as many photo editing apps (and some of my favorites are iPhone only so far as I can tell). The blurry shot above was from my Samsung. I loved it, even though it wasn’t clear. Not sure the iPhone would have let me take a shot that wasn’t in focus. The two below were on my daughter’s iPod 5; and she edited them as well.

What do you have on your shopping list for Thanksgiving?

{ Counting the seconds until turkey and dressing… and counting the things I’m thankful for. }

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    I never comment but totally had to. Oh my goodness, $82 for dinner? That is so crazy. I’ve done that while shopping for food to make something for dinner before. (It’s funny how things you don’t need make it into the cart when you are hungry.) I’ve been drooling over the Samsung from the commercials and I don’t even own a cell phone right now. Still have to go shopping for Thanksgiving goodness, pie and cranberries and stuffing… it’s not just the food itself but the smell of Thanksgiving that makes me giddy.

  2. says

    Hmm not sure I’m going to rush out and get that app when it’s available. I don’t know if I like the possibility that a payment did or didn’t go through (and not knowing!) and what if it get runs twice, thinking it didn’t work the first time? :-/

    My husband got a Galaxy Siii for work and after a weekend he took it back and got one of the Galaxy tough phones. It’s smaller and tougher but has pretty much the same features. I sprung for a Droid so I’m starting to learn to be smarter than my phone now. :)


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