This Week, the Freight Train…

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Ever feel like you were just about to get run over by a fast train, coming down the tracks – right at you? That’s my week this week.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. I’ve been absorbed by the busy work for the Homeschool Blog Awards and as usual, neglecting my own blog over here – in case you didn’t notice. We had horrible problems with the Google Spreadsheet and Form this year. Apparently, too many people were nominating at the same time and it caused up to 35-40 different people’s nominations not to make it on the spreadsheet. After discovering the problem, we allowed those who emailed us to add their nominations, which took up most of my day today. Now that the voting polls are in place, it’s up to the homeschool blogosphere to crown 20 winners and then the fun part happens: dolling out the prizes!

I’m always REAL glad the awards are over every year, but I love finding so many awesome blogs to add to my “stalking” list. This year I’ll be pinning some favorites – so follow me on Pinterest and be sure and check out our nominations and winner pages after the voting is over. You can vote every day on each device you own (laptops, pads, smart phones, and computers). You have until the 16th to vote your favorite blogs to the top of the list!

A new Android day has dawned; trying out the Samsung Galaxy 3 for AT&T.

In other crazy news, I was contacted by AT&T really soon after my iPhone quit charging right. They wanted to know if I would review an Android phone and the new Isis mobile wallet. Apparently, the system (a wireless money system for smart phones) is starting up first in Austin and Salt Lake City. Soon after it will be followed in Atlanta and New York.

I have always been an iPhone girl – for years and years… but I had heard from my husband that the Samsung Galaxy III was even better than the iPhone 5. He’s an Android lover, so I decided to see for myself. I hope to use both the Galaxy III and Isis Mobile Wallet for the next 21 days and let you know what I think — how it compares to my iPhone 4s (and how it stacks up against the iPhone 5, since that is more of the caliber of the phone), and what it is like using a wireless payment device on your phone. Sounds futuristic, right?

I already have the phone… and so far, I’ll spoil the review by telling you that this iPhone girl is totally impressed by the competition! Watch my Instagram stream, Twitter stream, and check back here for more. I’m going to talk about all the details and log my experience with it. I know a lot of my friends who are photo-lovers that use iPhones will be surprised by some of the Galaxy III features and the fact that so many iPhone apps are now available on Android as well.

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And because I like to start my week out with a list and a menu to keep myself accountable, here goes:

Somehow get the house clean – like all of it at once for a change (maybe I’m dreaming that this is even possible?)
Help the kids KEEP their rooms clean – again, am I dreaming that this is possible?
BOOK CASES – please Lord, let me find the time to get this done!
Menu is done (moving last week’s no-show meals to this week)
Stay up all night watching election results Tuesday, bite my nails to the quick (just kiddin’, sorta) – you, too?
Dinner guest Monday night
Ren Fest field trip is a pipe dream… but who knows, maybe we’ll manage it… (NOPE)
One day classes Thursday, AHG Meet Thurs night
Help with voting at the HSBA
Reformat Laptop
Start holiday planning
Schedule posts for this week at The Homeschool Post
Post the Carnival of Homeschool tomorrow – VOTE! themed carnival sounds good, right?
Sort, handle, file paperwork
Find out what I need to bring to pot luck Sunday
Pay bills

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Mondayeggs for breakfast, mushroom soup for lunch, crock pot turkey breast “roast” with veggies and “gravy” over rice, with salad for dinner

Tuesday – Petit Pumpkin Spice Donuts (from Pinterest) and milk for breakfast, leftovers for lunch, Chicken Tacos with Avocado Dip (from Pinterest) with refried beans for dinner

Wednesdaycereal for breakfast, sack lunch or Southwest Chicken Salad Sandwiches (from Pinterest), tacos, Cilantro-Lime rice, and refried beans for dinner

ThursdayChick-Fil-A Minis, Bush’s Chicken, chips, candy and bottled waters for lunch, Lazy Day Casserole: Sausage, Potato, Carrot, Onion, Peppers (from Pinterest) for dinner

Friday – eggs, Green Tea and berries for breakfast, Baked Potato Soup for lunch, Mee Krob, Thai Tea, and Tom Gai Soup (from Pinterest) for dinner

Saturday – cheese toast or cheese eggs with chili powder for breakfast, turkey wraps and Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chick Peas (from Pinterest) for lunch, Indian Food OUT for dinner

Sunday – cereal for breakfast, lunch Out at Jason’s Deli, potluck small-group dinner (not sure what I’m bringing yet)

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Homework List for Kids

Sadly, they haven’t typed it up for me yet and are behind on it due to last weekend’s camping trip that my daughter took. She’s my typist of the two oldest and normally she emails me her assignments by the weekend. They are going to be cramming HARD tomorrow. I promised them that if they get all their assignments done by tomorrow night for the week (our week started last Friday), that I would take them to the Ren-Fest. It would be an awesome Middle Ages field trip, but it may have to wait until next year if the homework list proves to be too long. A kid has to learn responsibility the hard way sometimes. I’ll come back in here and add their list when she gets it to me.

**Update: No Renfest for us. Maybe next year. Here’s the assignments and what they got done…

Bible Study : Days 1-4 of Week 5 (did 2, still in week 4)

Math : 10 Lessons (did 4)
English : Research for reports (Morgan’s report is on the Wars of Scottish Independence and William Wallace, Kaden’s report is on Aztec Contributions to Science)
Biology : Read thru page 120
Complete Study Guides for Modules 2 and 3 (Morgan still has the tests to do, Kaden finished)
Tests 2 and 3
Spanish : 24 handouts – translating conversational Spanish (Mo did all of hers, Kaden did about half)

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Tot Goals

Not fighting as much
Picking up toys
Not dumping the juice or food on the floor (the one year old is driving me mad)
Eliminating daytime nursing, moving it down to just evenings (right now we are at twice during the day, so this may take time)
Continuing naptime routines and earlier bedtime routines – thankfully, daylight savings helped with that!
Flash cards, reading, and preschool activities

That’s my crazy week. What are YOU up to?

{ Anyone else as READY for Thanksgiving break as I am??? }

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