Using Isis to Pay on the Go

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I live in my car. I can drive figure-eight spaghetti-bowl asphalt ribbons around the proverbial soccer mom. Trust me. Texas sized BIG. Just like my gas bill each month. Think SUV, six-people deep… plus backpacks full of heavy books and fossilized french fries under every seat.

So, I mentioned a while back that I was trying out a Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T to test drive the brand new Isis wallet-free payment system. My first experience was one of confusion, but then again, the system had only been in place for a brief moment and it was new to the retailers as well. I am not sure things worked out at Whole Foods, but maybe they have gotten it figured out by now.

My second try (and third) went over without a hitch. I was so thrilled to find out that you could use Isis to pay for GAS at Valero – even in the suburbs of Austin, well outside of proper city limits. #SCORE!!!

Let me tell you – it was a God-send to have a little extra holiday driving cash (thank you Isis and AT&T).

The clerk inside of Valero was excited to see me back again the second time. She told her replacement who was taking over her shift that I was going to “pay with my phone” and that “it would ring up just like a regular transaction after the light turned green” when I touched my phone to the payment pad.

Using your phone (which is already surgically attached to your hand) to pay at a gas station – without having to find your purse and dig through it for a credit card = PRICELESS.

The only drawback?

I cracked my phone screen over Thanksgiving and had to get a HEAVY DUTY case. To use Isis, you have to touch the BACK of your phone to a payment reader. This means the case interferes. At least it did for me.


I pulled the case off of my phone, tapped it to the register pad, and voilà!

Kind of a hassle to pull it apart, but certainly faster than digging in my wallet and way less cumbersome than having to carry the purse, wallet, and phone inside instead of just the phone.

Oh, well – I needed to dust the case out and clean the screen off anyway! I would gladly clean my case off another few times for some more gas money. Wouldn’t you?!?

Have YOU tried Isis yet? What do you think about using a prepaid re-loadable card on your phone to pay with while you are on trips?

Isis also links to your bank account and credit cards if you want. And it works with all the major carriers (not just AT&T – but of course, I’m partial to them… because they gave me this rockin’ awesome phone).

{ Now I just need to figure out how to load this Isis card back up so I can pop in on my friends at Valero again. }

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by AT&T and M80 on behalf of Isis. My Galaxy III and Isis reloadable card with some “gas money” were received by me for free in exchange for my honest opinion about my experience using Isis.


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    Ok, this is new to me! I’ve never heard of this. You must keep us up to date on this gadget. It’ll probably be the wave of the future!

    Oh, and how do you like our balmy Christmas weather? Maybe Austin is a tad cooler than East Texas, but probably not much. We’re humid and 70’s here! Yuck!

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    Can you not believe this HEATWAVE in December? No kidding! I’m so ready for the cooler stuff that is supposed to be here next week. I have yet to don the bunny coat (don’t hate me because it is fur – inside and out – I heart my fur coat).