Spring Break Recharge

Colorado River in the Texas Hill Country near Marble Falls #Igtexas

We bring you news from the break in our regular program…

Sweet #Friends ♥♡♥

Our crazy haze of end-of-school wrap up before spring break turned in to a world of busy fun the past few days. We had some friends who live quite a few hours away stop in for three days of fun in the sun. Our kids had not seen each other for nearly FOUR years.

Paula & Heather :) #friends

It’s so nice to “pick up right where you left off”, as my dear friend Paula said.

We toured the capitol. We hiked. We jogged in the dark, pushing baby strollers and laughing at Daddy for thinking every airplane was a comet.

A curl of a girl ... and her camera.  #grace #happybirthday

We shopped. We took pictures (of course). We ate. We watched the sunset over lake Travis at the Sunset Capitol of the World: The Oasis Restaurant in Austin.

Just before sunset on the Oasis steps.  #Austin #igtexas

We laughed. We talked. We drank gourmet coffee and ordered in Pizza.

Paula and Grace

We drove. We walked. We rode the gator all over the rugged Texas granite mountains in the hill country.

They chased us down the road because we were sitting on a hay bail. #igtexas

We watched movies. We told spooky stories (well, the girls did). We stayed up past our bedtimes.

Granite mountains of the Texas Hill Country ♥ #Igtexas

Aren’t old friends…

Yesterday #friends

And new friends (like the baby’s little barn cat named “Smoky”)…

Baby's new best friend.  ♥ #barncat #Igtexas #cats #country


What a time of REFRESHING.

Which is just what spring break is about, isn’t it?

And now our friends are going home… and we’re nursing our sunburns and broken hearts.

Too bad spring breaks don’t happen more often!

My kids have two more days of break next week (since they had school half of this week). How about yours?

{ Happy Spring !  }

In Him,


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  1. says

    Such a lovely spring break! Ours is next week. =) We won’t be going anywhere but we intend on having some R & R (well, as much as you can have with an 18 month old in the house! 😉 ) Great photos, btw.