Bountiful Baskets – More Groceries For Less

Bountiful Baskets. Best thing I ever did for my grocery bill.

One of the most difficult things about living on one income is the increase in the cost of groceries and gas over the past decade. We have been homeschooling since 2001, and have felt inflation chip deeper and deeper in to our monthly budget. I used to go to the store and get whatever we wanted to eat, and then for the past few years we were eating a lot less healthy because produce was so expensive. We made a decision to eat out less, and that drastically helped our grocery bill. We started helping at the Texas Food Pantry and have been blessed by them, as well. Then recently, a friend turned us on to Bountiful Baskets – a produce co-op that currently delivers to a handful of states every other week or so. I couldn’t believe how much food you get for the money. It stretches our dollars and stocks our fridge with healthy vegetables and fruits.

For a little extra, you opt to get organic groceries only. I did this last week and we had the prettiest rainbow colored carrots and a fennel bulb which I made the BEST QUICHE I HAVE EVER EATEN with. An entire box of organic produce for $25 isn’t bad.

The regular baskets are amazing. You get two white baskets full of veggies and fruits for a contribution of only 15$ – and the volunteers unload the crates and fill the baskets as evenly as they can. Sometimes you have extra and they pass out the extra things among baskets until they are out of everything… so some baskets might have extra items you didn’t expect (this happens almost every week). If you get there early, you can volunteer. Last week we got 2 extra romaine lettuce heads for helping fill the baskets. That worked out great because my husband wanted to make salads for his lunches at work.

NOTE: The boxes are different based on whatever is available each week. No guarantee that your favorite veggie will be in every basket. You might even get something you have to identify. Homeschool moment!

When you first use their website, it is a little confusing. To find out if they are in a city near you, you can check their locations listing page. You can fill in the state and city drop down boxes (leaving the week A & B section on “Both”) and it will tell you more about the time and location of your nearest drop off. Usually they are at schools or public places with large parking lots for the 18 wheeler to unload.

If your area doesn’t have a co-op, contact them and find out how you can set one up! People who sign up to be leaders must be committed to running the co-op for their area. You can pick a weekly drop or every other week – whatever works for the group in your community.

Be AWARE: There is a limited amount of produce for each drop, so the spots for co-op members are taken quickly. Be sure to get your contribution in early to reserve your baskets. Be there promptly for pick up, too – or your contribution will be considered a donation. They do not issue refunds.

There’s a new participant instruction page on the website where you can find out more about registering, and when you are ready to participate, you just click on the Participate Now page and click the “Get My Basket” link on the box for your state.

I’d love to hear about it if you decide to join up. I’m not an affiliate or anything – I’m just a really satisfied co-op participant. I just love that they are helping Americans get the food they need for less. With the economy in the sad state that it is in, and so many people out of work, I wanted to share this amazing co-op with as many people as I could.

{ Eat your veggies! }

In Him,


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  1. Jeri says

    We love love love BB. I would order 3 with extras. We volunteered too. But sadly we discovered it isn’t in VA. And we really really miss it.
    When there is an offering on something like a broccoli box, or 40# of apricots, or whatever, break out the canning supplies! We canned strawberry jam, apricot jam, made applesauce, and froze bags and bags of broccoli, cauliflower, and something else.
    sigh…I really miss them.