Field Trips, Four-Year-Olds, and Finding Time to Blog

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I’m over at the Homeschool Post today, sharing a tiny bit about our trip to the Waco Zoo last month, and posting their link-up for field trips for the month of April. Each month you can link one or two field trips there and help spread your ideas on the fun and educational places you have taken your kids so other homeschoolers can follow suit.

We’ve had quite the last few weeks with two trips to the ER, chest colds that linger, end of school year play practices and extra credit assignments, and enough errands to keep me from finding time to sit longer than three minutes for days. I can’t say how many hours of sleep I have gotten with worry over my four year old, but it has been few enough for me to consider sleeping the entire weekend away.

I do hope that while you wait on me to warm back up to blogging – like the Texas weather – that you will enter my 50$ gift card give-away and stop by the Homeschool Post to link up your adventures.

I hope you are finishing your school year well – and enjoying the spring before the heat steals away our perfect play-hookey days. Here in Texas it’s really hard to go to school when it is so nice outside. I don’t mind giving up August, but March and April are such a distraction. Well, that is, when you are well and rested enough to enjoy them!

Sweet angel. Get well. #Amen

Thank you so much for all your sweet prayers and well wishes for my little Viking and our family, those that have sent us notes. We appreciate you even if we haven’t had the energy to respond to every message. My mini-man is doing much better it seems, but is only 24 hours away from his last “episode”, so we’re taking it easy at home this weekend and keeping him on a bland diet.

Although we were worried that his head injury was the cause of all the nausea and such, we now believe that it was most likely something gastric. Major relief for this mama’s heart, to say the least! PS : make sure you wash your fruit… and while you are at it, your hands – before you eat.

God answers prayers.

{ Have a super weekend! }


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  1. Aneesha Jones says

    I really enjoy your encouraging words for homeschoolers. I find myself reading your post regularly. I would just ask why is there so much hate for the President? I understand disagreeing with political points of view but, instead of constantly spewing hateful words pray for those in leadership. I disagree with President Obama on some issues but that does not mean he is a mean or hateful person. The Lord is the only one who can judge a persons motives. Maybe just maybe he honestly believes he is making the right choices for a nation. Please keep up the ministry of encouraging moms who love God and their families and want to be their best.

    • says

      I am not sure where you felt I was hateful. I haven’t been hateful towards him, only shining light on the things that he has done which are against what I believe God or any God-fearing person would do. Asking God to bless Planned Parenthood in the light of the Gosnell murder trial where live third trimester babies (who the doctor joked were “big enough to walk to the bus stop”) were pulled out of their mothers breathing, moving, and in one case, crying… and then mercilessly beheaded with scissors… I’m sorry – but that’s not something I think God would approve of.

      I shed light on these things as they come up – I do pray for our leaders and our nation daily – and I have no hate, only deep disappointment and the sadness in my heart that my children are going to have to inherit the disaster that this country will be left in pending no changes are made. It’s sad that they will have to pick up the pieces after America implodes from these corrupt and reckless policies.

      Without drastic measure to fix the national debt problem in this nation, life as we know it in America will be a distant memory very soon. Just look at the clock: (have you Googled what might happen if our dollar fails?)

      I saw a bumper sticker the other day that rung true:

      Jesus SAVES. Obama SPENDS.

      And no, I don’t think it’s a Democrat vs. Republican problem. I’m NOT a Republican. I’m a conservative. There are almost as many Republicans up on the hill right now that need to go as there are liberal Democrats.

      Not only these things, but Obama’s administration is directly opposed to homeschooling. Take for instance the Romeike v. Holder case.

      They sought asylum here in America after Germany threatened to take their children away because they homeschool them. They were granted asylum and have lived here two years. The Obama administration recently overturned the asylum for this family, knowing full well that it will possibly cost them their children. Eric Holder has stated that Homeschooling is NOT a fundamental right for parents. I don’t know if you homeschool your kids, but that’s a pretty huge red flag for me.

      • Aneesha Jones says

        I understand everything you said. I am not republican or democrat. I believe there are issues both parties get right and wrong. I just don’t recall these alarms being sounded off when we were led to an unnecessary war that has caused so much of the debt and loss of life we’ve experienced. I don’t recall people shouting from the roof top about our country going down in flames when other programs were not paid for under the Bush administration. Although, as a veteran the Iraq war has a more personal meaning, I believe President Bush made the best decision from his perspective at the time.
        No child left behind was considered a universal failure, I believe that in conjunction with his administration, they made the best decisions with what they knew. EVERY idea this President ever presents is always
        ridiculed. Example gun control, why does the president have to be trying to take away people’s rights. As a Christian, yes I love The Lord Jesus with all my heart, I can understand why a President would be moved to try and make policy in response to parents heart ache. As humans we cannot stop all evil in the world, but other people’s heart break and pain ought to move another humans heart to compassion not, touting political positions.
        Obama care, can it be that maybe some people feel healthcare should be a God given right. The bible tells us that Jesus healed the sick. Yet every time my family needs a doctors appointment or a prescription, I can not help but, to praise The Lord that my family has good insurance through my husbands job but, what about others in our country don’t. I don’t see how we can say we love god, yet not care about the least of them. I don’t know how the new healthcare laws will be implemented, but what I do know that as a nation both parties should have come together on this issue. Instead we have politicians who stated in 2008 their goal was to make President Obama a one term President.

        The Romeike family is a very said situation. As a homeschooling mom of five I totally understand how they must feel but, at the same time we are a nation of law and order. We are currently trying to correct our immigration system. I sympathize with the families who, out of a desperate need to offer a better life for their families crossed our boarders. Have you researched what situations fall under asylum? This is a tricky situation. Have you gone and researched the transcript of what Eric Holder said. He was refering to, the fact that in Germany homeschooling is not a parents fundamental right and, it is not in Germany. How are we supposed to implement american individual values on another country? If we set a new precedent and allow families all over the world to become American citizens because of their disagreement with their government, then what is the difference in allowing all people to come here. Where do we draw the line?

        Finally economically speaking. Rewind back to 2008. The American economy was on the brink of crashing. Our then federal chair Hank Paulson went to President Bush and emphasized the need for the federal Government to lend money to our own economy to avoid a collapse. I have a degree with an emphasis in Economics and I can tell you not acting would have been a catastrophe for our entire country. It was a bold decision but, i don’t believe ther isma such thing as a pure market econmy. A free mrket enterprise in thoery is great until a number of factors threaten to pull a nations whole econmy down. Since we are a capitialistic society, a free market should allow entities to rise and fall. The problem is our banking system now makes up 50% of our economy. therfore if the bank engages in risky practices, as a nation we are all at risk. Therefor alot of the early on debt was unavoidable in my eyes but, rhats the beauty of our nation we can have different perspectives. As a nation our debt problem is not solely on the shoulders of this president but, on all of our leaders. The last group of republicans were not physically conservative but, that fact is so quiet. This President is to blame for all the woes of our nation it seems.

        Abortion is murder and I would never have one, nor encourage anybody else to. Instead I would share that life is a gift from God. I am tired of giving my vote away to a group of people who have no intentions on over turning Roe v. Wade but yet campign and run on family values. The bottom line for me is that I don’t trust or expect any plitician to make our country align with the kingom of heaven. I have decided you can not stop sin in this world and that is not what God called me to do. He called me to show the love of Christ to everyone, especially the unsaved. I am so frustrated because conservatives/Christians/republicans are not shinning the light of Christ in this world. Everyhting sounds harsh and condemning to everyone who does not agree with this groups point of view. I have learned that there is more that unites us as humans, then separates us. I feel this human thread opens a door for us to minister the gospel to everyone. So in a nut shell there are God loving Christians who fit in different segments of our political system and that is why I see people first, and try and show Christ first instead of allowing world systems which should never be viewed through a spiritual lens to begin with, take first place for me. Remember this place is not our home, the kingdoms of this world are not of His kingdom.