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Remember my sponsored post by Pennington Smart Feed Products? Well, I’m back with the second sponsored post in this series to tell you that my garden is growing, my yard is still looking smart (besides the weeds that apparently come back at the speed of light), and my roses are BLOOMING like crazy.

I also have a winner to announce for the 50$ American Express gift card!



… you won! Shoot me an email and I’ll get you in touch with Pennington to claim your prize!

As for a garden update…

We enjoyed using the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System. Did you catch the goofy video we made on the last post? The product was super easy to use and had a four-way, adjustable sprayer that attached to our standard garden hose with small fertilizer “discs” that spin and disappear at just the right rate while you are watering your plants. They claim it ensures proper feeding and vigorous plant growth… and I’m pretty sure they are right by the looks of my roses and new seedlings. Even my new acacia tree is looking robust.

Tomato plants growing...

The tomato plants are blooming, but nothing edible yet. I’m hoping I can get whatever grows on them before the ants do this time around. I spotted a line of fire ants near my garden when I went out to take some photos tonight.

We used the “Tomato and Vegetable” and the “All Purpose” fertilizers in our initial challenge and have been watching the trees and garden grow. Apparently the all purpose works on blooming shrubs great – because both of my roses are putting out perfectly!


I think I’ll get their “Flowers and Blooms” after I finish working on the flower bed up front. The blasted berry vine is back again, so I have more weeding to do… and I’m still not happy with the shrubs we have up there. I wish I knew how to trim them and make them work for me. That’s not something Pennington can help with, sadly.

Who knew that a sprouting onion from the grocery store would hold this much promise in the dirt!?

I’m watching with delight as my grocery store onions begin to bloom. So glad I didn’t throw them away because they were “too far gone” to eat! A little dirt and fertilizer does wonders on an already sprouted onion. From the counter to the garden – and hopefully back again when-ever you are supposed to harvest onions. Anyone know?

The cilantro I showed you in the last post is now sagging, creating fresh coriander pods, and teeming with little red ladybugs. The cooler weather, however, has allowed germination to happen again – and now I have little brand new cilantro patches IN THE GRASS.

We picked a few for our enchilada soup tonight. I’ll be revamping and sharing that recipe later this week!

Missing ingredient - fresh cilantro... Right out of my yard.

I forgot to plant the watermelon seeds. I also forgot to write down what seeds went where in the garden. I’m pretty sure I planted cucumber, peppers, and pumpkin seeds. Other than that, I’m at a loss.

New seedlings... #garden

I guess I’ll just have to see what ends up growing on my new seedlings!

If Pennington Smart Feed Products included a yard-man in each bottle – who would come out and weed your yard for you once a week – that would really rock. Just sayin’. Just look at those weeds to the left of my glow-in-the-dark feet. I hate crab grass.

Did you take the #SmartYard challenge? What projects do you have going on in your yard?

{ Happy gardening! }

In Him,


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