The Village Wants Your Kids

*This post was updated with new information on 4/12/2013…

I avoid politics as much as I can because I’d rather be doing pretty much anything else than talking about politics. I’d rather have a cold. I’d rather be eating licorice. I’d rather be sweating outside in sweltering Texas August watching paint dry. I’d rather be paying bills, even.

I’d much rather talk about things like: FOOD (I love food.)

Pit stop. HEB Central Market Asian chicken salad.  #chevybliss #blissdom

Or maybe about raising kids…

Home from #Blissdom. Now I can get back to keepin' Austin weird.

Or homeschooling, or Texas living, or photography, or getting healthy, or art, or blogging, or great movies and books… you get the point. ANYTHING ELSE.

I’ve even told my husband I feel SICK after reading the news and though I’m compelled to speak up about it and share on twitter and email. I said I wanted to stop sharing about it and revert to the surfacy stuff like recipes, art, and education. His answer to me?

“Heather. You knew you would be on the fringe when you decided to homeschool. You know people think we are fringe because we put our faith in Christ. You have a responsibility as an American, a Texan, and a mother of future citizens to stand up for what is right and voice your concerns. Just think of all that you look for on the internet. What if people decided it was too risky, to difficult, or too time-consuming to share all that with you?”

And so, that step on the proverbial toes brings me to the meat of this post. Thank you to my visitors here that inspired me with your comments to expand on what I meant below. I’ve updated it because as with the English language, political platforms change… and I’m not sure how many liberals – or conservatives for that matter – even know what they truly believe. We are all busy people and have had a long sense of prosperity and trust in the basic goodness of our government… at least that the checks and balances they sing about on Schoolhouse Rock are going to withstand a little corruption and set themselves aright again. However, with the astounding loss of individual liberties at stake right now in our nation (gun control, parental rights, United Nation Treaties with devastating implications towards our sovereignty)… remaining silent is just not an option.

We take for granted the fact that we have freedoms in this country. Some, more than others – because here in Texas, Homeschooling is about as free as you can get. Sadly, the modern liberal mindset will never stop trying to encroach upon other people’s freedoms. That’s what BIG GOVERNMENT DOES – regulate and tax people to death. {Read more about the differences in Modern Liberalism and the Classical Liberalism that belonged to our founding fathers in the essay I linked at the bottom of this post.} Modern Liberals – and some fringe Conservatives are progressives that are zealous for reform – even reform that makes no sense (like punishing gun owners because criminals misuse stolen guns). If the left stopped pushing agendas on other people’s children (Planned Parenthood teaching sex ed in public schools) and taking tax money from the working class (half of Planned Parenthood’s budget comes from tax dollars) – even against their moral and religious conviction (Obamacare mandate), their ideals would die, because modern liberalism makes no sense.

For example:

Modern Liberalism believes you can spend your way out of debt. Most modern liberals don’t believe in liberty for the economy. The state of our collective pocket-books, the massive unemployment rate, and our astronomical national debt shows that this is a failed policy. To be fair, I blame both moderate Republicans pushing the global policing of the universe, and socialistic Democrats bent on omnibus spending, bank bailouts, group rights (preferential treatments based on race and rewarding illegals with economic benefits) and nationalizing the economy. The redistribution of wealth – and even the income tax itself (why tax productivity?) is an affront to freedom and kills free markets. The problem with redistributing wealth, as Margaret Thatcher said so eloquently, is “you eventually run out of other people’s money”.

Modern Liberalism might not openly push for teenagers to have more s-x, more abortions, and less consequences… yet what message do you think over-the-counter morning-after pills, abortion on demand, and loads of federal money to Planned Parenthood – which promotes early sexuality tells a teenager?

Modern Liberals believe you shouldn’t be allowed to homeschool your kids or teach them Christian values. Academia leans to the left. Most of the critics of homeschooling are deeply entrenched in the “system” that promotes public school institutions whatever the cost to taxpayers or whatever the results of benchmark tests. 500 failing schools in Texas and they still would rather point fingers at homeschoolers and try to regulate us like they failed to regulate themselves. However, to be fair, there are also conservatives which show opposition to homeschooling and bow at the feet of the great collective – pushing Common Core Standards and frowning on free-thinking. Since there are homeschoolers on the left and the right end of the political spectrum, this should concern those who vote for the principles of the left – which notoriously vote for more regulation, bigger government, and less individual liberties.

Modern Liberals don’t believe human babies are worth protecting – unless it means protecting them from Christian parents and their ideals (abortion on demand without limitation – is the mantra of the left and their vote stands behind the ultra anti-life agenda). If you haven’t read about the Kermit Gosnell murder trail (you know, the one where babies screamed and moved as their spines were cut with scissors – babies that the abortionist joked were “big enough to walk to the bus stop”), that’s because the Modern Liberal leftist press is censoring it.

I’m sure it’s not just Modern Liberals that are to blame for altering the food supply (like adding unlabeled aspartame to milk to make milk sweeter – WHAT???!!!)… but that’s what happens when you have BIG GOVERNMENT (subsidizing and hiring BIG CORPORATION and BIG LOBBYIST) in control of nearly every aspect of your life. Do we really need a Milk Czar adding hormones and freak sweeteners to our dairy to trick teenagers in to getting more calcium in their diets? What good does the FDA really do these days, anyway, if they will allow Monsanto to make us glow, and yet we can’t drink raw milk?  BIG BROTHER is a progressive, modern liberal henchman allowing corporations or government entities to prevent us from knowing what chemicals or genetically modified ingredients are in our foods. Labeling is choice. If we have “choice”  with our pregnancies (I shudder to use that word in light of what I’ve seen online this week), how ironic is it then, that we can’t have choice with our food?

Modern Liberals may not recognize that they are promulgating the practice of eugenics and population control… but abortion does both of those things quite well. More sinister is the fact that progressive ideas (embraced by Hitler) promoted Darwinian eugenics and caused the Holocaust.

Modern Liberals on the extreme left have consistently stated that Christians are the worst threat to America.

While Modern Liberals might not believe childhood is a disease that needs to be cured, as I originally stated in the heated moment after watching the video below, they are somewhat responsible for the over-medication of children because they oppose school choice, oppose parental rights (such as the right of a parent to chose optional treatment for a child against physician advice – ask me, I know some stories), and they promote the public school system that often pushes parents to medicate children to force them in to compliance with classroom standard behaviors – even as young as Kindergarten. Shoot, just this week I got contacted by a shrink interested in me promoting education reform that would turn our public schools in to mental health clinics – see below:

We can—and should—talk about appropriate security precautions. But this addresses only one piece of the problem. If we could make our schools perfectly secure, a troubled student intent on homicide would then take his weapon to the theater, the mall or the public park. We need to figure out how to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening at all, without turning ourselves into a police state.

The way to do this is to focus on early identification of students who are showing signs of risk, and establishing a strong referral and monitoring program to make sure that students in need of mental health services actually receive and benefit from them. It’s not enough to simply log an incident report and walk away. We need to ask what kind of services does the student need? The family? And make sure they have access to appropriate resources. And then we need to follow up, to make sure that the connection was made and interventions are working. If they’re not, we need to try something else. – Dr. Mariam Azin

Hmmm… how about trying the something else first? Maybe that something else is for the government to get out of the family’s way to raise the child as they see fit? Maybe stop bombarding us with news like these links every day – reasons for us to be on guard as our freedoms come under assault? Maybe stop making all of us feel like we need Prozac? How about let us live in peace and stop stirring up partisan hate and racism? How about balancing their checkbook and abolishing the income tax – going to a fair sales tax so that everyone, including illegals, have to pay their share? THAT would boost the economy. It would give me a little extra grocery money to feed my four “unsocialized” homeschool kids, that’s for sure.

And the entire reason I wrote this article is the video clip below. It sent me over my tipping point. Let me just say that a collective in charge of my kids could only happen if I were dead; because I wouldn’t let it happen on my watch. The truth remains that, because progressives think they know better than you – and your constitutional rights are always getting in their way – they would really like to step in and assume control over your kids for the “good” of society. We all know where that leads because it happens all the time – in the 1940’s in Germany, in Germany even today – a homeschool family might lose their kids and be subject to jail or extreme fines if they refuse to turn their children over to the state. Shoot – it’s happening still… and you never know where it might turn up next.

(hat tip to for breaking this video clip and story)

So by now you can see that Classical Liberalism is completely at odds with modern liberalism. In other words, the founding father’s liberalism (which believed that all men were equal and had the right to live as free men)  ain’t yo mama’s liberalism. Words and their definitions – like cultures and politics – CHANGE over time.

I’ll prove it – you can fact-check me on the internet, but I love the English language and these were particularly interesting word metamorphosis examples:

Ethnic used to mean someone who wasn’t Jew or Christian – from the Greek ethnikos, or “heathen”.

Someone who was dapper was actually a fat person, and dainty meant “substantial and able”.

Bimbo was an Italian term for “little child” that used to mean he was a tough guy or boy’s boy.

A bachelor used to be a young man hoping to become a knight.

Amuse used to mean to distract someone for the purpose of misleading them. Ahem.

Apology once meant to defend someone against accusation.

Clerk used to refer to a man ordained to Christian ministry.

Defecate originally meant to “purify” something. Complete 180 there!

Infant meant “unable to speak”. There was no such thing as a fetus. I still don’t think there is.

Manufacture once meant “to make by hand”.

And Liberalism used to mean the idea that a person had both civil and economic freedoms endowed to him or her by their Creator… and no government could encroach upon them. Those were the days.

1787. Good stuff. Please Lord let us prevent the collapse of our nation because so many people who have been voted in to office no longer value our Constitution or wish to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity”.

Sounds a lot like what I still believe today.  I’m somewhere between compassion + Christian (not to force my religion on someone else, but to live out the tenets of the gospel in my own life as a light for others, especially my children) + liberty-loving & freedom-promoting. And I’m not afraid to vote for the underdog because I’m sick of what I’ve seen out of Washington – for as long as I’ve been voting.

The Modern Liberal, progressive mindset is why we homeschool.

Both Modern Liberalism and Progressivism stand in direct opposition of the freedoms that our founding fathers sought to protect for all men.

“It is probably fair to say that while the best of modern liberal and conservative ideas are extensions of classical liberalism, their worst ideas are products of progressivism.” 1

You might be tempted to think that the 8 hour work-day was the crowning achievement of progressives… but so was detention of immigrants, political prisoners, propaganda machine harassment, shutting down businesses for criticizing the government, professor loyalty oaths, and goons sent out to intimidate and beat those with dissenting views. Trampling constitutional liberties is a progressive poison.

Modern Liberalism and progressivism stands in direct opposition to the value of human life and the worth of the human child that God says we should have. I’m for complete freedom in health care, and even for medications and drugs; but life is precious and a baby’s life is just as precious as a mother’s. ALL PEOPLE, regardless of age, deserve freedom and protection from harm. A baby is a baby – no matter how small.

Modern Liberalism would take my children, and if they couldn’t ABORT them (abortion on demand and even beyond the 9th month – just look at the Gosnell murder trial), or DRUG THEM (the epidemic of medications prescribed because schools can’t handle busy children), they would REPROGRAM them (in the name of political correctness – a “barnyard version” of socialist collectivism that stands in opposition to individual liberty), EXPLOIT them (promoting promiscuity and sex with Planned Parenthood government sponsored pornographic sex ed classes and over-the-counter abortifacient drugs), DISTORT their minds (with their agenda-driven civil and political views at the exclusion of our Christian values) and DARKEN their souls (preventing them from belief in God or human worth).

{ Modern Liberalism and Progressivism is the greatest threat to America. }

In Him,


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1 John C. Goodman, Classical Liberalism vs. Modern Liberalism and Modern Conservatism, (, 9/8/08


  1. says

    Do you know many liberals? Because I’m a liberal, and most of my aquiantances are, and we don’t believe much at all of what you’re describing. It’s like if I linked to an article about the Westboro Baptist Church and said that was what all Conservatives believe.

    • says

      I do know liberals. I actually like some on a personal level. I have some in my family, too – and at least in those cases, they are compassionate people for the most part. However, the fact of the matter is that these articles all have a common thread – they are legislation, lawsuits, and issues that were brought about because of a liberal, leftist mindset or lawmaker. The facts are there if you just look at the roll call on each legislative vote. It isn’t conservative principles that are cramming these dangerous changes down America’s throats. Follow the evidence.

    • nov05mama says

      Thank you Christy! I agree that the video is completely disgusting, but it’s INCREDIBLY unfair for you to paint Liberals in such a broad manner. I certainly don’t ASSUME that all Christians are the likes of Westboro Baptist Church. I am hardly a threat to America just b/c I am not a staunch Conservative.

    • DB says

      Let the poor thing think what she wants, as she will no matter what we dangerous liberals say.

      And I have no doubt, she has not one single relationship with a liberal. If she did, she would know just how ridiculous this latest talking point comes off to any mature adult.

  2. says

    My husband showed me that video last night. It about made me sick to my stomach.
    I’m with you on everything you said girlfriend. I cringe at what our grandchildren will have to suffer through. Sheesh!

  3. says

    I’m in utter shock that this is what our country, founded on Christian Principles, is going to. And yet…I’m not shocked…if that makes sense. I mean, with CCS and SOOOOOO many other things, this is what our Liberal majority wants.

    I think whether or not we homeschool, we need to be on our knees praying SO much for this country.

  4. says

    I just saw this video tonight and it is frightening. I pray that we will never lose the right to educate our children. I immediately came to check your Twitter feed because I knew you would be all over this! Thank you for posting this and for being on my team!

  5. Dan Rota says

    I’m a liberal and I don’t believe in more sex, more abortions, and less consequences….nor do I believe you shouldn’t be allowed to homeschool your kids or teach them Christian values, and I believe that human babies are worth protecting, don’t believe in eugenics and population control, nor do I think that pedophilia is a sexual orientation. I don’t believe that Christians are the worst threat to America (I am proudly one) nor do I believe childhood is a disease that needs to be cured. Our founding fathers were liberals, Liberalism does not stand in direct opposition of the freedoms that our founding fathers sought to protect for all men. Liberalism is not the greatest threat to America, polarization however is threatening the way we relate to one another in this country. I’m sorry, but this article is simply full of untruths…it makes me wonder what the real intent of the author is. We are all God’s children, liberal or conservative. There are conservatives that have anti-Christian values and scary ideas too. I just think it’s a big mistake to judge a book from it’s “cover”.

    • Dan Rota says

      in addition, I’d say this: if you want a soap box to pronounce your beliefs to the world, find one that doesn’t criticize Liberalism. Stand up on your own two feet and say what you mean. Don’t hide behind your obvious misunderstanding of politics.

      • says

        I thought a person’s personal blog was a great place to exercise free speech. But then, that’s exactly what I mean by double standards with the leftist mindset. Free speech only if you don’t disagree with them.

    • says

      I updated the post and toned a little of it down because I wrote it when I was mad (after watching that video). My intention wasn’t to offend, but sometimes the facts about what political party is pushing what agenda tends to inflame people. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dialogue, though. Talking about issues is important. I’m waiting for some of these people leaving comments to educate me on where I may be wrong, rather than insult me. Libertarians say that Liberals want the government in the boardroom and not the bedroom, and that conservatives want it the other way around. I say government should be small enough to only concern itself with defense, and people should live in liberty – with laws governed by their states – and fair taxes and minimal regulations that any elementary school student could understand without hiring an attorney.

  6. Kristen says

    Heather, We must speak out, even though most will not believe us until it is too late. For those who are bashing you for “bashing” liberals, if they truly believe all the things they list as beliefs, then they are supporting the wrong people. This isn’t a Republican vs. Democrat issue. There are many Republicans that are pushing more government as well. We all need to wake up, take notice, and give notice that these people work for us and we WILL fire them. Here is a source of information you might be interested in

  7. says

    Heather, I agree with pretty much everything you said there. I’ve been lurking around your blog for a couple of years & really didn’t know that we have so much in common.

    The only thing that I would disagree with you on us your use of the word “liberals.” The term has changed in a way that most people don’t even realize. When people like you & I say “liberals,” I think what we really mean (&should say) is “progressives.” Liberalism no longer means what it used to. My grandparents would call themselves liberal, and have a solid history of voting for democrats, but that party has been seriously commandeered by progressives (it’s a fate the Republican Party is headed toward as well). Look at the TX school system. Your state legislators rejected common core, but then went with C-Scope, which is basically common core disguised as something else. That’s progressivism right there.
    I think this is something that is happening a lot lately, this shifting of terms & ideals shared by groups. A year ago I considered myself a conservative. Now I’m more of a “conservatarian” (conservative + libertarian).

    And, yeah. That video completely ticked me off too. And freaked me out a bit – have you read Agenda 21 (the novel by GB)? The Children’s Village… Creepy.