10 Great Reasons to Take a Blogging Break

I have a notepad full of little partial posts on my iPhone, a mental calendar of things I’ve been wanting to write about, post-it sticky notes with ideas… and I even write posts as I go about my day (in my head, and then promptly forget them when I go to sleep). In the past few weeks, though, I haven’t had much time to actually sit down and do much about it. This summer has been a blur. Every weekend full – many out of town.

Here’s a little taste of why a blogger might take an extended break, Sprittibee-style…

10 Reasons To Take a Blogging Break:

1. Your To-Do list is longer than the stack of papers the bank just made you sign to refinance your house.

It's Okay #anthropologieLOVE

Not to mention the time it took to fill out those bank papers. But hey – taking advantage of a 3.37% interest rate was imperative in this failing economy. A girl has to feed her family – and a little salvaged cash each month can really help keep my pantry and refrigerator stocked. { In case you didn’t know, teenagers are insatiable. }

2. Your great aunt met Jesus.

Carnation and rose cross from my great aunt's funeral. #latergram

We sang our “Happy Trails” to Aunt Dot recently. I’m going to miss her.

3. Grandma invited you over to roast hotdogs and smores over the “camp fire”…

Grandma's Porch

… which actually turned out to be a bonfire that could be seen from outer-space. Texas might have been a few degrees hotter because of us on July 4th.

Home made fire works. #summer

4. You’re a Texan who believes the only way to make things better is to get involved… not just complain.

Time to pass #HB2 # SB1 #prolife #txlege #heyrhonna #stand4life

We spent a lot of time at the Texas Capitol last week taking a #Stand4Life! Our state was passing legislation aimed at improving the quality of abortion clinics to keep women safer in the case of complications, and protecting babies over 20 weeks gestation. Yay for Texas!

Taking a #stand4life ... Protecting the smallest Texans. #hb2 #prolife

5. Someone gives you a piano.

Two teenagers are thrilling at our new hand-me-down piano. 400lbs of goodness.

My big kids are thrilling over having a real piano in the house! { Factoid: My mother is a piano teacher and they’ve thus far only taken lessons on a small keyboard. }

6. You’re “on the road again”.

God bless Texas & the US of A #4thofJuly #igtexas

{ Aunt Dana getting married, friends visiting from the Mexico border, grandparents you miss… all great reasons to hop in the car and head out on a road trip. }

Twilight and tail lights. #roadtrip #sunset #igtexas

7. Technical difficulties.

The iPhone 4S may last until the 6 debuts, but I'm pretty sure the cord is a lost cause.

Finally broke down and got myself another cord.

8. A friend stops by.

My fwiend Lizzie

Liz let me take her head shots for the book she just wrote. So flattered.

9. The only time I have to sit down, there’s a 30 pound, wiggling, giggling, prank-playing little monster in between me and the keyboard.

Computer buddy.  #txbloggers

10. Sometimes you just gotta put your feet up.

Ariats  Love my #boots.

I’m a workaholic, and I often find myself falling in to bed at night after a full day of working in my home and online – without taking a moment for myself. I vowed this year to choose better how I spent my time… and I have decided to add more time for me in to the schedule.

So, if it gets quiet in here, rest assured… we’ll be back. We’re just living in the moment – tackling our priorities, one by one – and enjoying our friends and family while we can.

In His Grip,


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