Homeschool Blog Awards 2013

Homeschool Blog Awards 2013

It’s that time of year again!

Time to:

Share your favorite links.
Spruce up your site.
Connect with other homeschool bloggers.
Nominate your favorite bloggers.
Win awesome prizes!

I cant’ believe it, but it’s the NINTH year since the awards started. Kind of makes me misty-eyed. It will be my last year to “help” run the awards (although this year, I’ve already taken a real back-seat: so be sure and thank Lisa Baldwin – because without her and her little “paid elves”, the awards wouldn’t be happening this year).

I think Lisa’s design and creative force at the Post have been a breath of fresh air. She has almost an entire team of new writing talent at the Homeschool Post and the quality of content has been amazing. If you know of any super homeschool bloggers that are interested in joining the Homeschool Post team, don’t be shy! She keeps a list of potential authors to fill spots as they become available. The team has always been around 18-22 authors at a time. Writing monthly can be a commitment for a homeschool mom, so most authors only write for a group site for a short time. Crazy bloggers like me (and a few others that wrote at the Post for year upon year) are the exception!

I’m excited about this year’s prizes! She posted the prize page this week. Go take a peek!

And…. check out the awards main page for this year to find out more about the Homeschool Blog Awards. I can’t wait to see who you all elect this year as the top 20 Homeschool Blogs for 2013.

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