November Homeschool Photo a Day Instagram Challenge

November #hschallenge is here!

Ready, set, IG! The Homeschool Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge is moving on into November! I would love to see your monthly collage if you made one. Be sure to link in the comments!

Spotlight on a great photo app:

Phonto is one of my favorite ways to add text your images. It has one of the best font selection menus of any font application app. It’s user friendly, and it’s under 2$.

Here’s how to join us for the November 2013 Homeschool Instagram Photo-a-Day Challenge:
* If you want to join the fun and challenge yourself to take a photo a day this October, share this post’s url/link and the image above on your blog, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Page, and IG account. The more homeschoolers the better!


Take a photo along the lines of the theme each day and share them inside the Instagram App. Use the #HSchallenge hashtag in your subject line so your picture will go in to the group pool so we can all browse them. Easy peasy!

For example: Day 1 (November 1st) was “Friendship”. I’m getting this up a little late, but you can take a photo of a friend, some fun you had over the weekend, or even just a photo of a friendship quote or something a friend gave you. Be creative and unique!

This is your project for creating memories of your lives.


Below are the suggested days for each photo-a-day challenge. If you get behind, that’s OK. Just do two or three in a day and catch up. Do them in as many days as you want. Always tag them with #HSchallenge (not case sensitive) so they will go in to a group pool for everyone to search and find.

November 2013

1. Friendship
2. Pet
3. Story
4. Senses
5. Glow
6. T is for…
7. Wisdom
8. Healthy
9. Siblings
10. Circle
11. On the ground
12. Sleepy
13. Macro
14. Handmade
15. Homework
16. Lined up
17. Selfie
18. Yellow
19. Touch of chaos
20. Handwriting
21. I’m thankful for…
22. Your town
23. Laugh
24. Natural
25. Give
26. Travel
27. Comfort food
28. Gobble
29. Praise
30. Gratitude

I still have one or two photos from October to finish this month; so if you are behind, don’t stress. That’s ok. Go at your own pace.

Remember to tag your photos with the day’s challenge word and the #HSchallenge hashtag.

If you have any questions, let me know!

{ Hope to see a lot more of you & your homeschool crew on IG! }

In Him,


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P.S.S. If you have an artistic teen, or just can’t get enough of Instagram and want to do ANOTHER challenge, my teen daughter created her own: #ArtistIG – The Artist Photo-a-Day Challenge. I might try to do both!