The 12 To-Do List Items of a Pre-Christmas Monday

Merry Moody Gardens Christmas - they fed us bacon...

People say that time flies when you are having fun. I beg to differ. I think it flies as you get older. It flies when you are sick, too… and yet it also feels like it’s going slow because you are wallowing in your symptomatic pity. Time just seems to disappear in to thin air no matter what I’m doing lately.

This past three weeks of colds and bronchitis are no exception – time erased from my calendar with nothing checked off on the long December to-do list. Our amazingly packed, funtastic weekend we spent at Moody Gardens in Galveston was also a blur… but a much needed diversion to the breathing machines, medicines and tissues. Unfortunately for the man of our family, he had to miss it. He stayed home (and at work) with a sore throat trying to single-handedly keep his department from missed deadlines – to the tune of 16.5 hours of overtime…

My first filling.  #dentist #teeth

… which will really come in handy when paying for my first filling I got today at the dentist. Funny thing about dentists… they like to send bills.

I’m warning you: I’m going to butcher some grammar rules today. Too much to do on my list to care. That, and I just got the feeling back on the left side of my mouth, so I might have butchered a little grammar in real life today, too.

Here’s my priority list for today (which will most likely run in to tomorrow some), now that I’m feeling better and we’re all home from the Gulf Coast …

My CRAZY December Monday List:

1. My Tree is still in a box in the garage. My kids have been forewarned that if the house doesn’t get clean today, the bags don’t get unpacked today, the paperwork doesn’t get done today, and they don’t have their school list for this week made out and ready… we might be decorating a twig in a vase instead of pulling all the tinsel out this year. I mean, half the month is gone! Not to mention, there will be a few days we might visit family and not even be here to see our own tree. I’m still having an internal battle over whether it’s morally wrong to skip all-out Christmas decorating. If only I had a few of Santa’s elves here to help out…

2. I have give-away items to give away… and very little time left before Christmas! Tomorrow I’ll be doing a TWO DAY GIVEAWAY of some holiday movies for your family! Be sure to come back! I’ll throw in a Christmas card from our little Beehive to yours, as well.

3. I’ve got photos to edit from Moody Gardens and a fabulous weekend to tell you about – so be watching for that on Friday! I’m going to put up a Fantastic Foto Fieldtrip post and share about our fun holiday events and behind the scenes tours we took. We even met a penguin!

#Penguin 15 yo : 'Pikaboo' ❤️ #moodygardens #mgmediatour13

4. The cards must go out! No time left to pick a photo and have copies made to stuff in our Christmas cards by the end of tomorrow. Morgan is currently sorting a HUGE STACK of recycled Christmas card covers from the past three or four years – ones that were sent to us – that we have cut in half. We’re going the extreme GREEN route this year and sending out POSTCARDS! { Hope you don’t get the same card you sent us! }

5. School lesson plans are being finalized. We’ve got a good four school days this week amidst a few crafty things, some errands, and last minute Christmas prep (including decorating the house and stringing a few lights so the neighbors don’t hate us). Today was lost on house cleaning and DENTAL WORK for three of us!

6. I just attacked a mountain of paperwork on my desk and am planning to do a lot of work whittling it away tonight… preparing for our next payday when I’ll get the bills done fast to beat the holiday off-season… and I’m catching up on my long to-do list and keeping the calendar up to date.

7. Hot chocolate is going to happen. And Christmas music. Hey – did you know those redneck dudes from Duck Dynasty can really sing?!

8. The laundry apocalypse is in progress…

9. Deer Sausage and Potatoes … and uncle Joe’s Russian kraut is for dinner.

10. A menu must be made out for the rest of our meals through Saturday, or I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up in a holiday rush through the drive-thru. Not that I’m above a quick trip to McD’s tomorrow for lunch.

Pretty Christmas Service, decorations and nativity play. #latergram

11. Advent catch-up time is on my planner for tonight. We got to see a cute nativity play last weekend at our cousin’s Lutheran church and my boys can’t wait to hang the ornaments they gave out to the children.

12. Bed on time and up tomorrow at the breaking dawn to hit the school books!

I better get busy! Holiday Rush commencing!

{ See you back here tomorrow with fancy holiday movie night give-away! }

In Him,


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  1. says

    Being sick this time of year is definitely no fun. My daughter had the flu last week and I quarantined her to her room so the rest of us wouldn’t get it. But let me tell you it was a very stressful week.
    And if it makes you feel any better, we just put our tree up yesterday. LOL!
    So just know you aren’t alone. And maybe I’m just tired but your grammar seemed fine. Ha! Ha!
    Have a lovely day.

  2. says

    It sounds like you have quite the week ahead of you! With toddler twins running around ransacking everything in sight, we’re only half-decorating this year. I wish I could have gone all-out, but it’s just too much work with the destructonauts on patrol (and on my hip 24/7!). My big kid didn’t mind us skimping on decor this year, so maybe yours won’t either. But if you do find any elves, send a few my way please. They would be helpful with wrapping. :) I was just starting to wonder if it’s too late to send out cards, but I think you’ve convinced me to get the ball rolling and send some out today after work. I love the idea of sending postcards! I’m going to save this year’s cards and send postcards next year.