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By now, you already probably know a lot about what ingredients are BAD in processed foods. Maybe you don’t have a PHD in nutrition, but you consider yourself well-versed in all the latest health information. Maybe you are even a label-reader. Kudos to you!

We read labels at the Bee hive. Our teens are even label-readers. We do our best to eat healthy – most of the time.

BUT… there’s this other thing that gets in the way of our healthy choices sometimes… it’s called “A BUSY SCHEDULE”. Oh, yeah? You have one of those, too?!

Well, when the Motherhood asked me to check out a new brand of healthier processed foods that were FAST and easy; and I have to admit: I was suspicious. That was, until I saw the Good Food Made Simple mission and read the labels for myself. I knew I’d be a great candidate to review them after that.

Good Food Made Simple review by @Sprittibee, healthy frozen packaged foods

Who can argue with this?!

We passionately believe that ingredients are the priority in every product.  We believe that when you eat a product with egg, the egg should be free of soybean oil, xanthan gum and other additives and flavors. We believe that breakfast sausage shouldn’t be filled with nitrates and phosphates. We believe that instant oatmeal shouldn’t have artificial flavors or colors and that fruit and vegetables should not be treated with chemical preservatives. We believe this should be common sense.   ~ Good Food Made Simple

They sent us the oatmeal (quick and easy), the egg patties (to make home-made “Egg McMuffins”), all the different breakfast burrito flavors, and the mac and cheese (my 15 year old’s favorite). All of them are frozen and easy to heat up in the microwave. If you are a purist, you could also use the oven; but I didn’t.

My favorite?

Good Food Made Simple review by @Sprittibee, healthy frozen packaged foods

Mack and Jack. Why didn’t I think of that?!

Morgan even found a way to open up the burrito after you cook it half way to make sure the middle gets fully cooked and hot (and take my advice – you cover them with a paper towel for a reason, the tortilla gets a little hard if you don’t).

Because of our busy days and schedule, and the fact that I’m doing preschool and high school and happen to be the family chauffeur for the time being, I love having a healthy “fast-food” alternative besides the drive thru. GFMS breakfast treats aren’t just faster (in your kitchen) and healthier, but they are cheaper.

Check out the packaging for the Steel Cut Oats:

Good Food Made Simple review by @Sprittibee, healthy frozen packaged foods

3 ingredients in this stuff! Steel cut oats, salt & water + our brown sugar & honey, and a drizzle of whole milk or cream, and you have a perfect breakfast.

Don’t feel bad if you aren’t checking labels yet. Everyone has to start somewhere. Here are the top 10 things you should make sure your processed foods DON’T have in them:

Top 10 Ingredients to Avoid

Artificial Flavors
Artificial Colors
Nitrates & Nitrites
Hydrogenated Fats or Oils
Artificial Sugars
High Fructose Corn Syrup
Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate

I would say that list is in no particular order, and there are certainly more things not listed – like refined “white” flours that have been bleached. Whole grains are best. There’s a complete list and PDF on the GFMS website that you can check out, download, and print for your pantry or refrigerator door, too. I think it would make a superb addition to your nutrition or health classes in your homeschool. [ Did you know that Texas removed the health credit requirement from high school in 2009? What a shame! ]

Check out the GFMS website and take their challenge – “I pledge to #EatClean with Good Food Made Simple” (you can do this on twitter or Facebook). If you don’t have a resolution for 2014, this one is a great one. Pledge to eat “food with ingredients that come from farms, not laboratories.”

{ I’m in, how about you? }

In Him,


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Disclaimer: I was provided free samples of these GFMS products and they sponsored my review to reward me for the time I spent on this post; however, my opinion of the products are my own. I hope you’ll try them for yourself and let me know what you think!