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There’s not much in the education spectrum that I hate worse than Common Core. I could write a long post about it, but my blood pressure can’t stand the boil. I’m pretty sure if you are a homeschooler, you already know about the pornographic books they want to push on kids through Common Core… the dumbed down fuzzy math standards… the unqualified people who created it without any input from experts, real educators, or parents… and how it will become the national standard if liberals have their way.

It seems there’s more bad news about Common Core daily. I guess the new lie will be… “If you like your education you can keep it.”

With permission, I’m sharing this little note from a concerned homeschool advocate in Houston who has an inside link to first hand information about the “NEW” and unimproved SAT and PSAT that will be rolling out courtesy of the Common Core gulags:

I wanted to update you on the latest information I’ve received from a contact about the new SAT standards:

I received this information today and want to pass it along to you. I am very concerned about these changes to the SAT test as we’ve been hearing rumors that the testing is going to be tied to the Common Core curriculum. The owner of the College Board organization supports Common Core. I will keep you posted as I receive more information.

Here is what I received from one of my contacts today. Their company attended a seminar on the changes.

“While concrete details for the upcoming changes to the SAT and PSAT are still a bit hazy, it looks like we’ll have some solid information coming on March 5. On that date, College Board CEO David Coleman will announce details of the new test, and a new website at will publish a variety of resources.

Although the College Board has not confirmed any of the below, its representatives have hinted strongly at the following possible changes to the test:

Alterations to the scoring system Addition of a Science section De-emphasis of critical-reasoning elements in favor of questions more similar to high school curricula. We attended the New England regional forum earlier this month, and observed the following:

Without revealing specifics, the presenters introduced the idea of a test designed to fit high school instruction, and emphasized this new direct correlation between curriculum and assessment several times throughout. According to these speakers, the new test will reflect “rigorous tasks” and “analogous skills,” yet at the same time will contain “nothing new” because all material will be derived directly from high school courses.

March 5 will see the unveiling of much more information, including resources for teachers and students including the “blueprint” of future tests. Sample tests for the new PSAT should be available by fall 2014 so that students have time to prep for the rollout of the new PSAT in 2015; the SAT will roll out in spring 2016.”

As homeschoolers, we must keep up with this information as most of us do not support C-Scope or Common Core because these programs are diluting the academic standards of the US educational system. And, we certainly do not want
homeschoolers to have to “teach to the public school standards or curriculum.”

I will keep you posted.

Joanne E. Juren, B.A., M.Ed., Certified Irlen Screener
HEP Bookstore, L.L.C. – Owner
Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc., Owner/Administrator
Driver Ed. in a Box Store – Owner
Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society – National Executive Director/Owner

If you don’t like the sound of these “updates” – get active. Get mad and get busy working to prevent the national education take-over. VOTE for conservative homeschool friendly people in your local elections (hint: the Republican Primary coming up in a few days on March 4 is one of the most important elections in Texas because Texas usually elects Republicans and only 12% or less of registered voters turn out to pick WHO will be representing us when big decisions like Common Core are made). You can early vote RIGHT NOW (until February 28th) in Texas at most any polling center in your county.

Heck. You even have a FREE homeschool-friendly voting guide to help you figure out who to vote for if you don’t have time to do the research yourself. For under a hundred bucks, you can also support THSC and have legal assistance for free if the need should ever arise and you are harassed by officials over your homeschooling freedoms in Texas.

Did you know that under 5% of homeschoolers in this state are paying members of THSC and are supporting the vigilant political watchdogs who prevent our freedoms from being taken away? There were hundreds of bills filed last year alone that could have affected our homeschooling or parental rights negatively and THSC helped to get the word out to all of us and lobby against them. I know, because I get the emails and my kids were part of the lobby group who attended Capitol Days and went door to door with Texas legislators to tell them our concerns and put pressure on them to vote with us and not against us.

You may just be one homeschooler, but YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

{ Be a good citizen and get involved. }

In Him,


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Credits and Late Night Thoughts: Tom Pauken’s awesome photo up at the top of this article came from his own article about Common Core linked in the first paragraph. He’s running for Governor of Texas and if he were a little more funded, I might just vote for him. He makes a LOT of sense and is totally against Common Core and so is Greg Abbott. Here’s what he says about Common Core, in case you wondered:

“I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE, and ensure that neither CSCOPE nor Common Core have any level of threat or viability in the state of Texas.” ~ Greg Abbott

Guess who will try and ram this educational poison down our throats if she wins her bid for governor of Texas? You can probably guess. She’s the one who has an unlimited blank check to spend out of Planned Parenthood’s personal account, and who has ACORN and Obama at her beckon call. If you are homeschooling and voting liberal, you might as well be a chicken letting Colonel Sanders babysit your chicks. Holder will have homeschooling banned if given any more free reign – just look at what he’s already done to the Romeike family!