In Sickness and Health

I'd say this weekend was a success. Long winter's nap in progress x4 ... #sleepyheads

I began this post a few days ago… but life gets away from you. For the past week, I’ve been falling in to bed too tired to even check Instagram or Lift (not usual for me). Blogging has been on the backest of back burners. Sorry, friends.

And so, I offer you this boring list recap of last week and what’s going on this week, before I turn in to a pumpkin tonight. No, seriously, I’ve been going to bed before midnight for what seems like WEEKS! I know, right?! Mama has turned over quite a few new leafs. Maybe a tree’s worth.

Stuff to read if you are bored:

1. We struggled to get a lot of work done with a crazy school week (in which one of my two teens worked 16 hours at the polls for the Texas Primary).

2. 100% of my 4 kids have had a head cold (and I’m still praying me and their father steer clear of it).

3. My daughter told me she’s been feeling fatigue for a long time, so I took her to a new natural doctor that was recommended to me by my friend who has Lyme Disease. Western medicine has failed her and she’s seen a lot of improvement after seeing this natural doctor. I figured I would give it a try, since my aunt has chronic fatigue and the only thing they do for her is prescribe pain medicines. She visited her doctor last Tuesday and we go in for a follow-up in which he will tell her what he recommends tomorrow.

Poor Momo. Those late night chest X-rays to make sure you don't have pneumonia are fun, right? #unfun

4. Over the weekend she was having a hard time breathing (she’s been complaining of a heavy chest for a few weeks and I thought it was related to allergies from our new cat because both her father and I had asthma on and off as kids and were allergic to animals). She was really worried she had pneumonia because of the head cold getting in her chest, so I took her in to the ER for an Xray at 2:30am Saturday night and they diagnosed her with “Anxiety and Panic Attacks” because her lungs were clear but the feeling in her lungs was tight and heavy. Apparently this is common in teens and fits perfectly with the natural doctor’s assessment that she may have an over-active thyroid. I’m so very thankful she doesn’t have cancer or pneumonia. Random factoid: I had pneumonia quite a few times a kid, and bronchitis often.

5. My mom became very weak and ill after a bout with her diabetes last week, so we picked her up and brought her home to our house and tried to revive her with good food (minus starches/grains/sugars) and rest. She stayed with us until Sunday and we took her home and my poor husband mowed over an acre with a push mower because her grass was so high.
6. Since the natural doctor told us that Mo needed calcium from veggies and black radishes, we have been eating a lot of interesting things, like salt-brined seaweed (Sea Tangle Noodle Company). I have been putting some in my chicken broth when I make it because the sea vegetables have nearly 20% of your daily calcium requirements in one serving.

7. I’m loving our new wellness doctor – like the kind of doctor who cares about your whole health: physical, spiritual, mental. I also took my mom to see him and she’s on some herbs to help her liver. After Mo goes back for her check up, I’m next. I’ll probably go in next week. Still working on getting daddy on board.

8. I’m still sort-of following a loose 17-Day Diet. I’m trying to avoid ALL types of sugar. Even some of the “organic” health-foods have agave nectar as a sugar substitute and not only is it still a sugar, it’s the worst kind – worse for you than high fructose corn syrup! I’ll be sharing my own recipe for some “sweets” that I eat to quell my chocolate cravings because I’ve had to learn a lot of tricks to make things healthy after finding out how few items that aren’t bad for you, even at health food stores.

Foot Peril...

9. Our new kitten still hasn’t gotten fixed (Oy!) and he’s given my poor arm a small case of ringworm. Just discovered the puncture wound that wasn’t healing was actually infested with ringworm today, in fact. That’s what I get for my momentary lapse of reason. This particular kitten may not feel like we “saved” him from the streets anyway; since my three year old tends to carry him around like a doll every time we turn our heads. And he may hate me next week, because he’s going to the vet!

10. The debt snowball is coming along. I’m so happy to see a little progress on my credit card after tax refund and bonus season are finally over. It’s sad that as we are making this progress, both of our vehicles are reaching the end of their lifespan. My truck has over 209 thousand miles and is officially ten years old. If only there was a car fairy instead of a tooth fairy. I’m praying God gives us wisdom in this area and keeps our vehicles running well despite their extreme mileage.

11. This week is supposed to be Spring Break for us… but the kids are working on history and math, and have quite a bit of reading to get caught up on. While they are basking in the minimized assignment list, sleeping in, and getting over the last remnants of their cold, I’ll be packing up for a mama-retreat with my church friends. A little vacation from the norm will do all of us some good.

#marchphotoaday #green #clover #ilove #brick #outdoors #path #spring

12. When I come back next week, a certain little leprechaun in my house is turning 5! I started a March Pinterest board in his honor with a ton of green and rainbow crafts and recipes. We’re going to make his day special next Monday!

13. Eccentric, I know, but my new favorite breakfast is a poached egg in chicken stock. I’ve gotten my 17 year old addicted also. Today he asked me for egg-drop soup for lunch. I made it with just three ingredients – home made stock, chopped chives, and eggs! DELICIOUS.

What’s going on in your little world? Are things as crazy and busy there? I hope you are finding peace and joy in whatever circumstances you are muddling through!

Have a super week!

In Him,


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