March IG Challenge, Desktop Wallpaper, Holidays, and Cooking Tips

Hey you! Yeah, you the one that’s wrapped in a fleece blanket with your heater cranked up and the news on (to see if your husband will be able to get to work tomorrow after the freeze). There’s hope that spring will eventually thaw this icy planet.

I’ve got a few minor reminders and a couple of links for you out there for March!

1. If you live in Texas, this Tuesday is the primary. Don’t forget to vote! My eldest kid will be working at the voting poll and is really mad that he’s got to wait until next time to vote.

2. There’s a lovely March desktop calendar (free) over at the Homeschool Post that I posted there for you to snag for your PC/Mac. Don’t miss it!

3. Ever wanted to load down your preschool activity planner, lesson planner, or calendar with a zillion crazy holidays? I’ve got the site for you. And… BEWARE the Ides of March!

4. I’ll have some news for you coming up soon about my FedUp2Fit journey. I told you I started about 12 days ago on the 17 day diet, right? My hope was to be down about 5 lbs. at least by now, but I’ve cheated a bit. I’ve been hangin’ with a friend that eats REALLY healthy due to her family having Lyme Disease. She’s taught me a lot of cool new tricks in the kitchen (like spatchcocking chickens – I swear, that’s not a bad word). When you have four kids, can’t eat out or have any boxed/canned/pre-packaged foods and mama is on the couch, meal planning and prep is mandatory and major important to the well-being of the family. You learn a lot from people who cook every meal at home!

5. Wanna join me for a fun IG Challenge for March? Check it out…

All you do is take a photo each day (or you can take a few each weekend – or just take as many as you can – no rules, no order to it).

Here’s what I do each month:

a) write the challenge assignments down on each day of my dayplanner and post the image to my IG account stating that I’m participating (use the tag #hschallenge)

b) make a written list on my iphone in my notes and delete them as I take them so I know what’s left (step not necessary – just something I do so I don’t duplicate effort)

c) take pictures as you live your life (I try to post at least 1 or 2 images each day to Instagram) and go back in to the photos I already have taken and tag them later (after the fact) if they fit the challenge requirements that I’m still needing for the month

d) challenge myself on a few of them to go out and actually set up a shot – not required for all assigned days, but if you have a favorite word/challenge, maybe get a mental image of what you want to take a photo of and set up a time to go take the shot. These are the ones that stretch you as a photographer and memory maker. This is why I did the challenge in the first place – to grow my skills and capture new things in new ways. To get ideas, browse through hashtags you like on IG (for example: #clover).

e) don’t obsess – it doesn’t matter if you do them out of order or skip some, it’s all about memories, not perfection or stress

OK, everyone, resume your March!

Have a great week!

In Him,


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