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My 'Thing 4' meets Thing 2 after seeing Cat and the Hat Live at ZACH Theater in Austin (so cute!)

Before the little boys (5 yo THING #1 & 3 yo THING #2) came along, we did some sort of educational (or just-for-fun) field trip at least once a month, if not every other week. I’m very thankful now that my youngest is 3 so we can begin to resume field tripping like we used to.

There are a lot of places even around our town that we haven’t been yet, and with Kindergarten on the table this summer and next school year, we are making a list of places to visit!

cat in hat graphics

One such recent “back in the saddle” field trip with the little boys came right before our health issues began and my mother took her hip-breaking fall. I wholeheartedly signed up to review the production and we took a day trip into downtown Austin to attend The Cat in the Hat performed by ZACH Theatre.

It was a blast. My little boys laughed and laughed.

They had the cutest children’s theater set-up with little seats and a laid back atmosphere. They even let the kids come out in the stage area and dance in the beginning. I feel horrible for not getting to review it prior to the end of production, but now that we know about ZACH Theatre, we can keep an eye out for performances that interest us! They have an impressive list of shows – and photos – on their site. You can even rent costumes from them!

They have an impressive line-up on their 2014-15 season page, including: The King and I, A Christmas Carol (rockin’ new musical), Peter and the Star Catcher (a pre-Peter Pan story), and This Wonderful Life (comedy version of It’s a Wonderful Life for all ages). The theater Box Office is at 202 South Lamar, Austin, TX 78704. You can call at (512) 476-0541, x1 or go online to purchase tickets. They are open 12pm to 7pm Monday-Saturday.

Here’s what  I love about ZACH (from their website):

Located in the heart of Austin on the banks of Lady Bird Lake, ZACH is widely considered “Austin’s Theatre.” The power of theatre to transform lives is evidenced all day long at ZACH as our theatre spaces transform from children’s theatre, to classroom, to premiere regional stage. Unlike our friends at The Long Center, Texas Performing Arts or the Paramount Theatre, who host touring productions and entertainment acts, ZACH is a producing theatre. We create each of our productions—from conception and design to performance—in theatres with close proximity of audience to actor, providing Central Texas audiences with an intimate experience of artistically excellent theatre. To that end, ZACH employs 50 full and part-time staff and nearly 200 actors, designers, musicians, craftsmen, teachers and technicians in more than 300 roles each year, making us a key contributor to Austin’s creative economy.

We loved The Cat in the Hat and plan to go back for more theater fun!

Do you live in Austin? Have you been to ZACH Theatre before? What did you think?

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