Some Homeschool Mom Perspective {and a LOT OF FUN}

THSC used book vendor

Looking through the used books at THSC

There’s nothing like being around SEVEN THOUSAND other homeschoolish people to lift your spirits and make you feel like what you are doing will impact eternity. So it will be later this week when the masses of like-minded descend upon The Woodlands, Texas to encourage, recharge, learn, grow, and fellowship together at the Texas Home School Coalition’s annual homeschool conference. Not to mention the other fun weekend side-fieldtrips they have set up (this year there were a lot to pick from).

But there’s even more reason to go for me. I’m the photographer! I get to play with the finest rented lenses and shoot people all day. Yes, I shoot people. I love a candid shot. I love stalking unsuspecting conference attendees and trying to capture the essence of an event. For me, that’s play, not work. Well, OK, it’s work – the walking all day and not stopping to take many breaks part is work – but so rewarding.

Do What You Love & Never Work a Day in Your Life

Do What You Love & Never Work a Day in Your Life by SeanWes

But wait! There’s even more reason for me to go to THSC… I get to hang out with friends. Me and my buddy Barbara are traveling down this year because we have teens who are in the teen program and we share a few of the same dietary hangups. Since I can’t ever get my husband to “get into” THSC (he’d much rather be at the gun range), it’s fun to have a partner in crime to travel with. And once we get there, there will be even more friends – some that I only get to see at conferences like this.

THSC friends

Barbara and me – THSC homeschool mamas

{ I can’t wait to hug your neck – you all know who you are. }

There are few weekends with this much fantastic under one big roof…

* a new refreshed perspective on our purpose as homeschool parents (great motivational & educational speakers)

* a feeling of comraderie (let’s face it – we homeschool moms are a rogue bunch of trail blazers who sometimes feel disconnected from support)

* a way to use my talents for the Lord (takin’ peekshurs)

* friendly smiling faces and warm hugs from the people you love and admire (and lots of late night giggling plus healthy eating)

I wouldn’t miss it for the world! (So please pray my ancient SUV can get us there and back.)

THSC Vendor Hall

Homeschool mom looks at curriculum in THSC Vendor Hall

Don’t worry – I’ll be back next week with images for you. And if I have time between my million of errands I have to run, my freezer cooking frenzy, my packing and preparing for the trip… between all that and when we leave – if I have time, I’ll share a few reviews. Depends on how much sleep I can squeak by with before I head out of town, I suppose. Talk soon!


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    Oh yay, I’ll be there with a friend too. We have children in the kid’s convention & I’ll have one in the teen program as well. I can’t wait, let the fun chaos begin! Prayers for a safe journey, I understand having an ancient vehicle all too well. :)