Bright Bloggy Spot on the Horizon: Blog Elevated Conference


I’ve got the summer-time blues. Yep, the end of summer, and the beginning of the school year. I am not dreading the end of 100 degree heat (this Saturday the “feels like” temp was 121 – I kid you not). I do, however, dread the end of extra free time… even though we suffered through summer school this year.

A good way to beat the blues about back to school (if you are a homeschool blogging mama), is to attend the Blog Elevated conference in sandy Galveston, Texas this year. It’s just a few weeks away now. I’m counting the hours until I can feel the sand between my toes and relax with other like-minded bloggin’ mamas.

Blog Elevated

Last year I was the photographer for BE and had a fine time hanging out with so many online friends. This year I have noticed that the speaker line-up is all new, so I’m looking forward to seeing a few familiar faces and meeting new, talented bloggers. I always get so inspired and learn so much at these events (especially smaller conferences like BE).

I love the down-to-earth people organizing BE, the friendly Texas atmosphere, the fantastic venue (who can pass up Moody Gardens?!!) and the promise of real intimate learning sessions where you get to hunker down over coffee and your laptop and ask questions of mentors. Well, YOU do; I’ll be stalking everyone to get a good photo.

Blog Elevated Location

I’m excited to sit in and listen to Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom from Pinch of Yum. Dreamy blog they have (I heart pixshurs). Dreamy blog income they make, too. I could totally find something to do with $22,000 a month. I could certainly afford to get down to the beach in Galveston a lot more with that kind of income.

Amy Locurto of I Heart Faces and Living Locurto will be there, too! She makes spectacular printables – for you homeschool moms out there.

I’m taking my beach-loving teeny-bopper with me. She’s pretty fantastic with a camera, herself. I like to think she gets it from her mama (like her pale skin and artistic nature). Her name means “By the Sea”. So fitting. She’s going to force me to take her to the beach to get sand for her little sand-bottle collection… and I’m going to force her to go with me to Mario’s for a cannoli. All bets are off on the paleo diet when I’m just a few miles away from Mario’s Seawall. Sorry, folks. Best pizza and cannolis in Texas.

So what do you think? Are you a bloggin’ mama, too? Looking to get a last-minute vacation in before school is full swing? I hope to see you there!