Sundays and Signs of Spring

Mansions Over the Hilltop

I don’t know about you, but I am overjoyed that I have a mansion just over the hilltop.

Sundays may not be perfect all of the time (rarely), but I feel so blessed to be able to rub shoulders with other saints on Sunday. I love my church family and being around other Christians. They make our walk so much lighter and easier in this life. I love singing the old familiar songs – and reading the history behind them. I love our preacher’s lessons and the passion he shares for the Word. I love taking communion and knowing that my brothers and sisters the world over are sharing in this blessed tradition along side me.

Sundays BLESS and FILL my soul.

Then there’s the unwind. Letting go of last week and taking a little time to reflect on the week to come. Remember, I said that this year was about reflection? I’ve been doing a lot more of it – even with my homeschool calendar and dayplanner… and spending Sundays a little less busy if we can get away with it. We usually just relax on Sunday after church. We take time to piddle or just be together. Sometimes we go to a small group study and continue the fellowship. Sometimes we take naps. Sundays are a much needed respite in the week – and a great way to begin one.

This particular Sunday, I had a little time to myself after cleaning off my desk, going through the mail, and gathering up the bills and receipts to pay bills with tomorrow. I updated my homeschool page here at the blog after needing to do it since I redesigned the site last year. I have much more to update (the links on the page are only for 2005-2007)… but hey! I actually did something for mama. I’ve even got the dayplanner mostly laid out with next week’s to-do’s.

Mushrooms and Thyme

Mushrooms and Thyme

I’m going to clean out the leftovers and pillage the fridge for “whatever” tonight and avoid cooking. I’m giving myself the night off. Tomorrow we’re going to make a menu out. I’ve been in a mushroom mood lately. I have to sneak them in on the rest of the family. They like the flavor but hate the smell and usually pick them out and throw them on my plate. Hey. More for me. I’m cool with that.

Maybe this week I’ll find some time to get my little mushroom post up. I’ve been collecting favorite recipes to share.

Cactus Bloom

What do you have in store for this week?

I’m praying for all of us to have a great one.

With the first signs of spring already here in Texas, my optimism is hard to stifle. Blame it on the six hours of weeding and garden planning over this past weekend… but I have a feeling good things are growing.

May we all sow, work and reap a bountiful harvest with the Lord’s help!