What a Homeschool Mama Needs : A Reminder to BREATHE

Just Breathe

Sometimes I hold my breath. Maybe it’s my reaction to stress that I’ve built up over the years so I could keep moving and not think about it. Maybe it’s holding on to life so hard that my soul’s knuckles are bare and my body doesn’t breathe out of respect.

When I’m not breathing, though… I’m often not REALLY living.

Breathing deep is being relaxed. It’s dreaming, letting go, embracing calm. Breathing in deep is saying YES to life and taking it in.

• • •

A mama needs reminding how to breathe when she starts to forget.

She needs….
a smile.
a pep talk.
to get away.
specific prayers.
a break from chores.
an understanding friend.
a warm cup of tea (or coffee).

Houndstooth latte art

a sleepover where she can remember what it was like to be a girl.
a good cry (even if it’s ugly).
to learn something new.
a worship song.
a break.

I’m going to learn how to breathe again next weekend. I just need a gentle reminder. I’m planning to attend both Homeschool Mom Winter Summit retreats – the one in Oklahoma City and the one in San Marcos. I’m going to ride with friends, fill my heart and soul with good stuff over those two weekends, and take pictures for the conferences that hopefully will capture the spirit of the Winter Summit Ministry.

I believe in being a mama – there’s nothing more rewarding. I believe in homeschooling – there’s no better way to grow kids up in the Lord. But sometimes I forget to breathe.

Homeschooly Mamahood can be a little overwhelming at times – no matter what stage you are at, how many years you have under your belt… and none of us should go without a recharge.

Your commission: Leave no mama behind. Pick her up (you have her in mind right now, you know the mama who needs that reminder to breathe). Let her ride in your 8-passenger mini-van and clear away the petrified french fries so she has room for her suit case. Pile up all your local co-op friends and head out together.

Meet me there.

• • •

Disclaimer: While I’m being paid to take photos of the Winter Summit, I want you to know that they in no way sponsored this post. All opinions here are my own.

• • •

Let me know if you’ll be coming to Winter Summit! I’d love to meet you!

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    That sounds pretty amazing. Have a good time, enjoy all that female laughter, and come back with a renewed sense of energy. I will be here, wishing I had been there. lol