Is it Monday again?

Freddy's Cheese Fries

This week took me by surprise. I spent much of last week with a head cold, still up half of last night coughing, and my husband took off a few days from work with it, so the weekend seemed to drag on. Even with extra time off, though – compared to most weekends lately since we began our home renovation on a dime DIYing – we got little completed. Most of the time was spent sneezing and whining about how no one wanted to cook dinner.

Somehow I feel like the weekend didn’t actually come… so having a Monday pop up on you in this state is unsettling.

I realized also that I forgot to end my give-away. All three of you who entered are probably biting your finger nails in anticipation and spent the whole weekend on the edge of your seats. For this, I’m sorry. I asked my son to pick a number between 1 and 3 and he chose 2, so… LeAnna, you are my winner! Contact me soon with your mailing address and I’ll gladly ship your shiny new book off.

As for me, I’ll be trying to get my brain into Monday mode…

What do Freddy’s cheese fries have to do with it? Nothing at all. Sorry if your stomach is now growling.


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    Oh I feel you! I woke with half a sore throat yesterday. Just half but it kind of went away. I woke this morning and it’s worse. Head stuffed up. Allergies…who needs them! I hope you feel better today.