Beatitudes for Parents

What a Friend we Have in Jesus

I get a lot of junk mail, email, and information pushed at me as a blogger and homeschool mom – and let’s face it – as a human being. This week, however, as I got ready to trash another newsletter I didn’t have time to read, a date caught my eye in small print. 1895. The author of a poem written out on the newsletter was born in the 1800’s. I love history and old hymns, so I stopped and paused near the trash can to read these words before getting rid of yet of yet another thing vying for my attention.

I was glad I did, and thought I would share them here with you. They encouraged me – and Lord knows we could all use a lot of encouragement on this parenting, homeschooling journey:


Blessed are parents who make their peace with mud and spilled milk,
for such is the kingdom of childhood.

Blessed are parents who refuse to compare their children with others,
for each is precious in his/her own way.

Blessed are fathers and mothers who have learned to laugh,
for this is the music of the child’s world.

Blessed are parents who can say no without anger,
for comforting to the child is the security of a firm decision.

Blessed are parents who accept the awkwardness of their growing children,
letting each progress at his own speed.

Blessed are parents who are still teachable,
because knowledge brings understanding and love.

Blessed are parents who love their children in the midst of a hostile world,
for love is the greatest of all gifts.

– Marion E. Kinneman (1895-1985)

Happy Sunday, and may you have a blessed week!


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    This is beautiful, and goes hand in hand wit Marilyn Howshall’s Love’s Actions book. Thank you for sharing! I love you and I am wholeheartedly praying without ceasing!