Field Trip Foto Friday: Austin Aquarium

Austin Aquarium Shrimp via @sprittibee

On the Northwest side of Austin, there’s a small aquarium that hosts stingrays, small sharks, reptiles, exotic birds, and tank after tank of interesting marine life. They even have a touch tank and most of the entire site is set up for the young (and young at heart).

A few years or so ago, we went with a small group of homeschoolers to field trip there. My little boys were too small to remember much, so we are planning to go back some time this year.

field trip feet

field trip feet

I saw a coupon in the local Valpak for 30% off (PROMO CODE VP-4) or 4$ off with the actual coupon in hand at the door. I don’t know if this is just for one ticket, or all of the ones you purchase in one trip. You’ll have to call and ask. My coupon says it expires 10/30/16.

Of course, we added a few aquarium books to our fun field trip and learned about sea animals and marine life at home, too. My boys always love a trip to the book store to accompany any field trip! Our favorite book for aquarium learning is:

book store boys

Of course, there are always Lego books that happen at the book store, too. That goes without saying for my crew.

The Austin Aquarium is located at 13530 North Highway 183 #101 in Austin, Texas in a strip center. I was a little disappointed that the aquarium was in a strip center (having been to bigger ones that were stand-alone), but the little kids don’t seem to mind and it is fun to see all the fish and animals there.

sea creatures

The jellyfish are a favorite. My biggest really enjoyed the crocodile, which the guide let us touch.

night jellies

It is a fun break from the Texas heat and a cool marine field trip that isn’t too far away for those in the North Austin area (you can’t beat not having to fight traffic)!

Let me know what you think if you stop in!

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. :) However, there is one Amazon link for the field trip book above. If you click over and purchase the book, I might get a few pennies added to my Amazon rewards. Thanks for reading and using my links!