Hello February

Hello February Instagram Challenge

Yesterday was my little one’s SIXTH birthday. I’m no longer the parent of a pre-school age kid. I’m not sure how to feel about that. I sure love tiny people. God knows how to make miniature people adorable. I’m clinging to every little word he mis-pronounces now, and every funny thing he says. A week ago he told me he wanted to be a ‘Gentleman’ when he grew up, and lately he won’t let me open a door for myself. He always wants to help. I love how he cups his hand and ushers me into the car. Soooo cute.

I originally had “desktop calendar” on my blog calendar for February 1st. I used to make them back in the day. My heart just isn’t in it anymore. Not that I don’t love a pretty desktop image on my computer. I’m just in to photography and Instagram more these days. So today, I’m going to share a few links with you so you can procure a pretty desktop image… and then invite you to join me on my quest to CREATE YOUR OWN ART this month.

February Desktop Calendar Images from …

1. Ivanka Trump
2. Red Stamp
3. Sea of Atlas
4. The Joy Blog
5. Smashing Magazine
6. Cross Cards
7. I Teach.
8. Blush Designs
9. Dawn Camp
10. Free People (OK, this is from 2015 summer, but the pink cactus one is fantastic.)

… and just for fun… 11. Gabi Barbosa – those lips!!!

For ideas on what I wanted to create in February, I went through all the pictures I liked recently on Instagram. I’m planning to create my very own versions of them. The greatest form of artistic flattery is imitation, right?

My goal is to create some crafts, make some artwork, take some styled shots and even portraits, and then share them on Instagram. In case you didn’t know this about me, I am an IG addict of sorts. I never gave up on Instagram even though I have taken quite a lengthy hiatus from the blog from time to time. IG is art therapy for my photographer self.

As I said today when I posted my #1 challenge for FLOWERS (the image above), I’m giving myself homeschool mom art “assignments” – photography work assignments, even. I’ve planned out my IG grid all the way to the end of the month. My focus is red (so a lot of the images will include some element of red), but I’ll also be doing some black and white, some sketches and watercolor, crafts and even typography to include in my images.

I’m letting my little artist out to play.

If you participate, just know – you should make this your own. If you don’t like something on the list, assign yourself something else. Also: you don’t have to do these in order. Do it in your own time – just try and finish your list by the end of the month so you can feel accomplished!

Want to join me?


If so…. Here’s my list :

1. Flowers
2. Sign
3. Succulents
4. Neon
5. Bible Verse
6. Heart
7. Books
8. Shoes
9. Drink
10. Rocks
11. Letters
12. Fabric
13. Map
14. Silhouette
15. Art Tools
16. Stars
17. On/Off
18. Red
19. Lips
20. Tacos
21. Craft
22. Bowl
23. Black & White
24. Veggies
25. Painting
26. Bokeh
27. Sketch
28. Fruit


And just in case you are having too much fun and you need more…. 29. Word, 30. School, 31. Pink, 32. Selfie, 33. Texas (or whatever state you love the most)

I can’t wait to see what you (and I) come up with. If you aren’t friends with me already on Instagram, hop over and friend me now: Sprittibee!


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