Merry Christmas


Here we are again… Christmas and the New Year upon us. I hope you are fully engaged and making beautiful memories with your loved ones. May your holiday season be merry and bright… and God bless you and yours. In Jesus – the reason for the season, Heather Subscribe to Sprittibee by Email

The Tragedy of Christmas


Day seven on this stretch of breathing treatments, wracking coughs, swollen sinuses… bronchitis is not what anyone wants in the middle of Christmas. I can be thankful, though – even as I suck on my Ricola cough drops and keep my rag handy in case the coughing begins again. Last year, on Christmas eve, we […]

Is There Any Christian Meaning in Hanukkah?


Thanksgiving begins a series of holidays in the cooler months for North America and Americans have an opportunity to get in touch with their heritage. Thanksgiving reminds us of the goodness of God as He brought oppressed people to a free land and a people so different from them who set aside differences and joined […]

Imperfect Advent and a December Instagram Challenge


It’s the 2nd of December already, and all day yesterday, I thought it was November 30th. I’ve already messed up Advent before it even began at our house. That doesn’t surprise me, though, and it won’t surprise my kids, either. Especially since we decided mid-way in to Hanukkah to celebrate that, too, this year. We […]

Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving. A national holiday set aside to praise our Creator and count our blessings. My favorite holiday of the year. How am I spending this Thanksgiving? Taking care of my sick daughter, folding laundry, and making enchiladas for dinner. Still, I’m thankful for much, and not complaining – there’s sunshine outside, the weather is cool, […]