A Little Viking Head Injury


My life is crazy with three boys and a girl… two teens and two tots… homeschooling and homemaking… cooking gourmet meals on a budget. This week was no different. On the heels of my last two event photography gigs: Blissdom and Capitol Days, Easter, and the full swing back from Spring Break… we didn’t need […]

All in a span of just 30 minutes…


Don’t let those sweet faces fool you. In the last 30 minutes they have: 1. Emptied half a box of crackers on the kitchen table and crushed them in to dust. 2. Turned the water on and plugged the sink in the powder room downstairs – thank God mama had to pee and found it […]

Countin’ Blessings


WARNING: This post might make you hungry. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. No commercial yuck, just family, friends, and food. The things that nourish the body and soul. I tend to be absorbed by the busy holiday cooking and eating (and even, yes… shopping this year – despite my objections to Black Friday). I don’t […]

Keeping Preschoolers Busy So You Can Homeschool

Do you have little people stealing your homeschool mojo? I do. I’ve got two of them. They have sent this 11 year homeschool veteran researching how to find ways to keep the little whirlwinds busy so we can get more academic work done with fewer distractions. Just in case you were wondering, my little homeschool […]

Why You Other Christians Should Be Jealous


If there’s one thing Texans don’t lack, it’s the love of all things Texas. Pretty much the only thing bigger is God himself. The painting above is of the Texas Hill Country in spring. Some sweet lady at our church painted it. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Bluebonnets and winding country roads make my heart sing. […]

When the Days are Heavy


Some days are heavier than others. Especially for mamas. It was one of those days where the little things that go wrong pile up so high you are tempted to count them, list them, roll them between your fingers like a worry stone in your pocket. The day had exacted an emotional tax that left […]