Menu Plan Monday: Beginnings

So it has been a while since I’ve been really active in this blog. Pregnancy and bed rest usually cut in to a girl’s kitchen-time. Getting casseroles brought over by friends during your postpartum days is enough to spoil you away from the kitchen for quite some time, too. We got in the habit of […]

Picnic at the Pond… and Elementary Economics


This field trip was not from a long time ago like most of my Field Trip Foto Fridays are. This one was just yesterday. [Note to self: Don’t walk 2 miles to field trip in Texas until December – 90 degrees does not qualify for autumn weather!] It wasn’t so bad on the way to […]

Weekly Menu and a Grocery Store Recipe

Man… what a sad state this is. I almost missed posting in September over here! Part of my problem was pregnancy (I only just recently was able to start cooking and eating again after the nausea went away). The other problem is that school and extra curricular activities have taken over my life. Blogging has […]

Longest Field Trip, Continued: The Dixons


There’s nothing like meeting up with fellow Christians who are blessed with the gift of hospitality. Even right on the front porch, there is evidence that this family is serving the Lord. When Jacque found out I was going to be in her neck of the woods on my cross-country trip, she wouldn’t hear of […]

Freezing Meals, Enjoying Life, … Loosing Weight

A friend of mine on an email list I was on told me about this neat software that helps you freeze meals ahead and only spend one day in the kitchen per month (or so) cooking. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks really promising. They also have books you can buy with recipes […]

A Healthier ’08

Bocca Burger and BlogHer want to know how we are making a difference in our health this year. One of their essay requirements is keeping it to 250 words or less, too… which effectively excludes me from winning contest right off the bat (I am a tad on the wordy side – which you would […]