Spice Staples, Storage and Secrets

I’m starting a new cooking meme. Steal it and make it your own! I’m not going to tag anyone, but feel free to tag yourself. I had a discussion a while back with someone about favorite kitchen spices. Here were some of the key points in my email discussion with her that I thought you […]


I feel pretty silly after cracking open that Hazelnut Paste. Yep. It was sweeter than candy. Tastes great on toast. Not even a thought of cooking it to put on some pasta! HAHAHA! So, where’s my sign? You Southern country-music gals might know what I’m talking about when I ask that question.

Menu Planning

Sorry about this post; it’s rather random, I’ll admit up front… but I was sitting here getting my menu done and I thought it might be interesting to someone else. I know seeing other people’s menus might be interesting to me…. I really enjoy menu planning, when I can stick to it, that is. I […]

H is for Hungry

H is for homeschool. Homeschool Lunch. H is for Heather. Heather’s other blog, that is. Click over to Sprittibee’s Blog and join the Homeschool Lunch Photo Meme. H is for HINT: You are homeschooling already if you are a saHm with a wee one. Learning begins at birth! Technorati Tags: Food, Soup, Fun, Homeschool, Lunch, […]


I’ve been inspired to join the fun – a refrigerator photo “meme” brought about by the ever interesting Wifely Steps Blog. I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you would like to participate, please leave me a comment and let Toni know that you’re joining up so she can link you on her blog. […]

Kitchen Meme

Long, long ago and far, far away…. I was tagged to do this meme by my friend the Headmistress Zookeeper at the Common Room. Of course, she tagged my “other blog“, but I thought I would move it over here to my more domestic blog (which has been about as neglected as a blog can […]

Lebanese 7 Spices

I was making a recipe tonight that called for “Mixed Spices” and I was at a loss. I did some research, so I thought I would copy this recipe here for future use. This recipe can be used for Mid-East or Indian Dishes. Lebanese Mixed SpicesIngredients: AllspiceBlack pepperCinnamonClovesNutmegFenugreekGinger The mixed spices used here are the […]