I feel pretty silly after cracking open that Hazelnut Paste. Yep. It was sweeter than candy. Tastes great on toast. Not even a thought of cooking it to put on some pasta! HAHAHA! So, where’s my sign? You Southern country-music gals might know what I’m talking about when I ask that question.

Menu Planning

Sorry about this post; it’s rather random, I’ll admit up front… but I was sitting here getting my menu done and I thought it might be interesting to someone else. I know seeing other people’s menus might be interesting to me…. I really enjoy menu planning, when I can stick to it, that is. I […]

H is for Hungry

H is for homeschool. Homeschool Lunch. H is for Heather. Heather’s other blog, that is. Click over to Sprittibee’s Blog and join the Homeschool Lunch Photo Meme. H is for HINT: You are homeschooling already if you are a saHm with a wee one. Learning begins at birth! Technorati Tags: Food, Soup, Fun, Homeschool, Lunch, […]


I’ve been inspired to join the fun – a refrigerator photo “meme” brought about by the ever interesting Wifely Steps Blog. I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you would like to participate, please leave me a comment and let Toni know that you’re joining up so she can link you on her blog. […]

Kitchen Meme

Long, long ago and far, far away…. I was tagged to do this meme by my friend the Headmistress Zookeeper at the Common Room. Of course, she tagged my “other blog“, but I thought I would move it over here to my more domestic blog (which has been about as neglected as a blog can […]

Lebanese 7 Spices

I was making a recipe tonight that called for “Mixed Spices” and I was at a loss. I did some research, so I thought I would copy this recipe here for future use. This recipe can be used for Mid-East or Indian Dishes. Lebanese Mixed SpicesIngredients: AllspiceBlack pepperCinnamonClovesNutmegFenugreekGinger The mixed spices used here are the […]

Apology and Links

I am trying to get Heather’s recipe for Apple Crisp with Yams for breakfast. I have one last Yam from the holidays that needs to be eaten. I’ll post it when she emails me back. I’ve been trying to get it since last July, though… so maybe I should move on with other recipes of […]