Monthly Menu Plan

Remember the challenge to eat at home? Well here’s a back-to-school stab at it… School is gearing up and I don’t want to get caught without a plan. Even before we had a baby in the house, it was tough to spend 100% on school and still keep the house in order and dinner on […]

Menu Plan Monday: Beginnings

So it has been a while since I’ve been really active in this blog. Pregnancy and bed rest usually cut in to a girl’s kitchen-time. Getting casseroles brought over by friends during your postpartum days is enough to spoil you away from the kitchen for quite some time, too. We got in the habit of […]

Menu and Stuff

I’m sorry for neglecting this blog. That’s probably how I start every discussion post in here… but I do have a few other blog projects that I work on out here in cyber-land, so I stay pretty busy. Blogs and homeschooling are enough to keep a mom on her toes. If you want to visit […]

Menu Planning

Sorry about this post; it’s rather random, I’ll admit up front… but I was sitting here getting my menu done and I thought it might be interesting to someone else. I know seeing other people’s menus might be interesting to me…. I really enjoy menu planning, when I can stick to it, that is. I […]