The Big List of Lunch Ideas


Are you ever stumped on what to make for lunch for your homeschool or preschool kids? Homeschoolers do have the advantage because they can eat healthier mom-approved foods at home, and take more time for lunch if they want; but if Mom is frazzled, not prepared, or at a loss for what to make, it […]

Owl Baby Shower and Bee’s Berry Punch

“Whoooo doesn’t love a baby?” That was my baby shower theme. These are the photos from yesterday’s festivities – and YES, I got my cupcake… but was not impressed with the fact that it didn’t start my labor like I had hoped. See that little finger indentation on the icing? That’s my friend Ammie’s little […]

Non-Alcoholic Apricot Spritzer

My kids love drinking carbonated drinks. Yes, I know they are bad for me. “Cokes” as we call them here in Texas are a rare treat with a good meal. This one is one of my favorite mixed carbonated drinks because I love the taste of apricots, peaches and nectarines. This would make a good […]