Authentic Italian Risotto with Chicken and Rosemary

Risotto is one of those mouth-watering comfort foods that you just have to love. It’s like a glorified chicken and rice dish that is all grown up. It may not be that pretty, but hardly a grain is left in the pan after everyone fights for the last spoonful. I learned how to make it […]

Lasagna #2


This recipe is out of my husband’s family cookbook. It took me many years (about 10 out of our 20 year marriage) before my husband (a mama’s boy) told me he liked my lasagna best. It was AFTER I found this recipe. I’m always looking for the best recipe for our favorites – that is, […]

Light Fettuccine Alfredo with Shrimp or Chicken

This little dandy came from a magazine I picked up a few months ago (Family Circle – April 2007, page 131). This was an easy and quick dish that the family enjoyed and it was surprisingly filling. It may not be my favorite on this site, but it was definitely worth making again. Feel free […]

Italian Tuna and Olive Pasta

I know what you are thinking. Tuna – yuck! This is not your ordinary tuna dish. It ‘ain’t your American mom’s ‘tuna-mac’. This is a very expensive and delightfully bold Italian dish that will amaze you. You should not take any shortcuts on ingredients, either. Buy the absolute best olives and cheese to capture the […]