Mushroom Crack AKA Russian Mushroom Julienne

Mushroom Julienne at The Russian House

A while back, as we were studying about Russian in our chronological journey through history, I decided to research Russian restaurants in the Austin area. I remembered going to a place where we got some fantastic brine pickles and bought a beautiful book on Russian cuisine right after we first moved back to this area in 2007, but […]

Sprittibee’s Enchilada Soup


I got a recipe on paper passed to me by someone at an office I worked at back in the 1990’s. It was called “Chili’s Enchilada Soup”, and apparently, at some point, it sprung up as a copy-cat recipe for a soup served at Chili’s restaurants. Never having eaten the soup it purported to re-create, […]

Why You Should – and How You Can – Make Home Made Chicken Broth


Who doesn’t want to come up with easy ways to save money, be thrifty, eat less preservatives and chemicals, and make foods that taste better? This one single kitchen tip can do all of those things and more. What’s my secret thrifty, tasty tip? Making your own chicken broth! {Hey, you cheated, you looked at […]

Weekly Menu and a Grocery Store Recipe

Man… what a sad state this is. I almost missed posting in September over here! Part of my problem was pregnancy (I only just recently was able to start cooking and eating again after the nausea went away). The other problem is that school and extra curricular activities have taken over my life. Blogging has […]

Freezing Meals, Enjoying Life, … Loosing Weight

A friend of mine on an email list I was on told me about this neat software that helps you freeze meals ahead and only spend one day in the kitchen per month (or so) cooking. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks really promising. They also have books you can buy with recipes […]

Chili’s Chicken Enchilada Soup

Quick and delicious soup. Nothing better. Pardon the photo. That was my second bowl of soup. Maybe next time I cook it I’ll remember to do the photo-op first! This soup also feeds an army, so it is a great meal for a potluck or guests. Make sure you have a bag of tortilla chips […]