Red Lipstick, Fast Cars, and Flexible Homeschooling


I had high hopes for today. I stayed up burning the midnight oil (isn’t that what Proverbs 31 women are supposed to do?) to prepare for the week. I sorted and opened the mail that piled up last week. I went through the papers, magazines and books that were overflowing on the dining table. I […]

Frying Up Some Heaven


Because Carrie loves me – she let me put her recipes here. You might even call her a CONTRIBUTOR. Sounds funny when it refers to this little neglected food blog. But not any more. There are some good eats comin’ your way. Carrie and her granny are gonna see to it that we share their […]

Fried Green Tomatoes (Mmmm Good)

Aren’t they pretty? Just like my new blog design. Yes, go ahead and say it. You love it, don’t you? If you don’t live in Texas, chances are you may not have any green tomatoes handy. I’m not known for my timely recipes around here. In fact, I’m not known for even posting monthly. But […]

Not Such a Gardening Success

Something was just not right about the watermelon we grew. It was growing fine, but suddenly it started getting soft in one spot. I figured we might as well bring it in since it looked as if it might wither on the vine if we didn’t. I was so hoping to find juicy pink flesh […]

Nature as a Teaching Tool

I have been inspired by so many other great nature-loving homeschool bloggers to join in the fun and begin our own nature journals. We have added nature walks to our list of “to-do” items each day since my schedule re-vamp… but sadly, we haven’t been walking. I think we will start today. I’m eager to […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Even in the cold months, there are grasses and flowers in bloom somewhere in Texas. The weather is sure to change on a dime; and you never know if you’ll be wearing a sweater or a tank top in the winter months. We Texans whine about the weather and wish for the cool fronts when […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Wild-Connections Butterfly Farm


In the sunny Texas Hill Country, nature is calling. There are wild flowers, butterflies, dry creek beds (and wet ones), ocean fossils (the Hill Country used to be under water), swaying pecan trees, and lots of interesting bugs and spiders… an endless list of things that kids can study and awe over. We visited Wild-Connections […]