Free Kids Meals and Meal Deals

I don’t know about you, but I love Luby’s. Yeah, I’ve heard people say it’s denture-food because lots of old people like to eat at cafeterias. Poo-poo on that, though. And lots of old people just can’t be wrong. They are smarter than us by quite a few years! What I love about Luby’s is […]

The Thrifty Kitchen Challenge

I’m giving myself a challenge. You see… in times like these, when money is tight, eating at home is a real way to stretch the family dollar. Gone are the days when we can eat out on a whim (usually because mom hasn’t gotten her grocery list and menu together for the week). I’m learning […]

Recipe for Disaster


I have hunkered down and decided to get through this entire week without a trip to the grocery store. I might have to give in and go get some milk and meat tomorrow, but we are making our way through the shelves of canned food and soups… one by one. I am bound and determined […]

Bittersweet Father’s Day…

What a day. So much to rejoice over, and so much sadness. Kaden learned to ride his bike today. We took the kids to the pool after church and a nice lunch out with Daddy. I guess that pays me back for Morgan’s first word being “Mama” on her first Father’s day! We enjoyed a […]

Unanswered prayers…


Psalm 37:7 – Be still before the LORD and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. Boy, it’s hard to wait on the Lord. Right now, we are in month 6 of a situation that is very much like the sinking of […]

Honee Home

It’s always nice to see Daddy’s shining face on Friday. Kevin got home today in time to meet us at the church to walk through the “Holy Lands” for a rehersal of sorts. Tomorrow is the big day for our VBS. We’ll be taking the community in small groups through the past – visiting the […]