Back to School Breakfast…

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Nature as a Teaching Tool

I have been inspired by so many other great nature-loving homeschool bloggers to join in the fun and begin our own nature journals. We have added nature walks to our list of “to-do” items each day since my schedule re-vamp… but sadly, we haven’t been walking. I think we will start today. I’m eager to […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Old State House Museum – Little Rock, AR


The Arkansas Old Statehouse is a charming white building with its Greek-inspired columns and beautiful black accents. When we first saw it, it seemed to beckon us inside. That was before I even knew it was a museum; back when we first arrived in Arkansas in 2005. When I discovered that it was on the […]

Gone Fishin’, Be Back Later…


Here are a few highlights of our field trip day. We sunk our lures and caught some fish. What a beautiful day it was here in Arkansas for a fishing trip with friends. It was nice to have the private creek all to ourselves and picnic in the warm spring sun. Cold Kool-Aid and Doritos, […]

Jessie’s 4 O’Clock School-Day Goulash

My grandma had this on the table many a day when my mom and her three sisters got off the school bus and ran inside (hence the name in the title above). Goulash is such a wierd name, but that’s what my family has always called this dish. It is a really wonderful dish, so […]