Field Trip Foto Friday: Meramec Caverns


Only sixty short minutes from the St. Louis Arch is the buried underground cave where Jessie James once hid from authorities. His ‘strong box’ safe (from the train robbery at Gadshill, Missouri) and a few of his rifles still remain in the cave. Even farther back in history, the Meramec Cave (nicknamed “America’s favorite cave”) […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Guitar Shop


About time that I get back to my series, right? We were studying about ears, sound, and music during 2nd and 3rd grades in 2006-7. My mom, the piano teacher was living a state away, so we decided to go to a guitar shop instead. For some reason we couldn’t get it together to go […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Audiologist


After the ear doctor our co-op gang all had lunch in the park and browsed a book store together. Taking a field trip to the Audiologist is a great way to make learning about the ear and sound memorable. The photo isn’t my best, but if you look closely, you can see Morgan screaming behind […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Union Station x 2


We have been to two Union Stations on field trips. One of them was in Kansas City, Missouri during the summer before our 2004-5 school year. It slipped under the “field trip” radar due to the fact that it happened during summer time – when Mom wasn’t keeping “records”. The other Union Station we went […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pinnacle Mountain


Pinnacale Mountain is a foothill of the Ozarks that stretch down from Missouri through Arkansas. It is the highest elevation in the central Arkansas area at over 1,000 feet above the river valley below. The Big and Little Maumelle rivers gracefully wind about the foot of the mountain giving visitors a gorgeous panoramic view from […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Hot Springs Bathhouse & Geology Tour


Once again I’m back to my Field Trip Foto Friday series and hopefully I can stick with it for at least another few months until I can get all of the field trips I have photos from in 2004-5 reviewed for you here. This week’s review is of our fun and educational trip to Hot […]

Second and Third Grade Field Trips

As promised, here is the field trip list for:OUR 4th YEAR OF HOMESCHOOL: 2nd GRADE and 3rd GRADE (2006-7)! Do you have kids that are younger than 3rd and 2nd Grade? Go visit my previous field trip lists (linked with photos and reviews). They can be found on my Homeschool Series post by year/grade level. […]