Field Trip Foto Friday: Pinnacle Mountain Rendezvous


We were drawn back in to American history on that mild October day in Arkansas. There was the smell of musket-fire and fall leaves in the air. My children rubbed their hands on fox pelts and watched the ‘settlers’ whittle as they rocked in rocking chairs with the fall breeze at their backs. From their […]

The Longest Field Trip…. continued….


These are some of the photos from Day 4 of our extended Robotics “field trip” that we took from Texas to Michigan and back. I know it is late in coming, but I figured I would dish it out on a Friday when I’m supposed to be doing “Field Trip Foto Friday” anyway. If you […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Arkansas Arts Center


Not much else beats browsing an art museum, listening to the chirping birds, and basking in a garden. Art museums are my favorite. In fact, with field trips, I find it hard to pick favorites, so they all become my favorites. Field trips are like homeschool dessert. Such a treat. This field trip was in […]

Field Trips for Third and Fourth Grade

As promised, here is my field trip list for: OUR 5th YEAR OF HOMESCHOOL: 3rd GRADE and 4th GRADE (2006-7)! Do you have kids that are younger than 3rd and 4th Grade? Go visit my previous field trip lists (linked with photos and reviews). They can be found on my Homeschool Series post by year/grade […]

Nature as a Teaching Tool

I have been inspired by so many other great nature-loving homeschool bloggers to join in the fun and begin our own nature journals. We have added nature walks to our list of “to-do” items each day since my schedule re-vamp… but sadly, we haven’t been walking. I think we will start today. I’m eager to […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: McArthur Military Museum


We were moving to Arkansas in the middle of our Military Unit back in the early part of the school year (October) 2005-6. We didn’t get very many field trips done for that unit (and that was a shame because there were plenty of military bases and places to see near Little Rock). It took […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Old State House Museum – Little Rock, AR


The Arkansas Old Statehouse is a charming white building with its Greek-inspired columns and beautiful black accents. When we first saw it, it seemed to beckon us inside. That was before I even knew it was a museum; back when we first arrived in Arkansas in 2005. When I discovered that it was on the […]