Field Trip Foto Friday: Crowe’s Nest Farm


Homeschooling field trips are my favorite way to teach and my children’s favorite way to learn. I’m glad you stopped in to join me here at my blog where I keep a record in photos of all the fun field trips we have taken over the years. If you are just stopping in, you might […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pumpkin Patch


Technically it is still autumn, so I thought I would finally get around to changing my blog sidebar to orange like I had planned when I changed my background back in early September. Now that there’s just a few hours left of the season, of course. I found this photo from a previous school year’s […]

K/1 Homeschool Year Field Trips

As promised, here’s the list of field trips from our Kindergarten/First Grade homeschool year in 2003-4. You can view the previous year’s field trips (PK/K) at the following link. For more on this series of homeschooling curriculum, field trips, computer programs, learning enrichment ideas and book lists…. please see this post. As I update my […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Houston Zoo


Update: I started sharing our family’s homeschool field trips and “Fotos” in January of 2006, six months after I began blogging. It has proven to be one of my favorite thing to post about because I am a photo junkie and we love field trippin’. I named our field trip journey “Field Trip Foto Friday ©” for the blog, […]