K/1 Homeschool Year Field Trips

As promised, here’s the list of field trips from our Kindergarten/First Grade homeschool year in 2003-4. You can view the previous year’s field trips (PK/K) at the following link. For more on this series of homeschooling curriculum, field trips, computer programs, learning enrichment ideas and book lists…. please see this post. As I update my […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Armand Bayou Nature Center


From the Armand Bayou Nature Center’s Website: The Center’s core consists of a boardwalk through the forest and marshes, live animal displays, educational signage, bison and prairie platforms, butterfly gardens and an 1800’s farm site. These venues are part of the Center’s vision of a “Discovery Loop” educational tour of ABNC, its habitats and Texas […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Brazos Bend State Park


Today’s field trip spotlight is Brazos Bend State Park. Camping, Nature Center, Observatory, Fishing and more! We went on a camping trip with our friends at the end of the school-year and really had a blast. This photo is of Kaden on the gator hike with a little blue dragon fly on his snout. This […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Houston Zoo


Update: I started sharing our family’s homeschool field trips and “Fotos” in January of 2006, six months after I began blogging. It has proven to be one of my favorite thing to post about because I am a photo junkie and we love field trippin’. I named our field trip journey “Field Trip Foto Friday ©” for the blog, […]

Konos Military Unit Fun


We are doing our military unit, and enjoying it. I have a list of things here that we’ve done, that we plan to do, and that we wish we could do, but finances or time are not going to permit. We’ve got a lot of things to cram into the next few days. I better […]



I thought you would enjoy a little bit of my 6 year old Morgan’s accidental humor, today. My husband, being a motorcycle enthusiast (although I would never let him own one), always points them out as we drive along. One evening not too long ago, as we enjoyed a drive downtown, I took a picture […]