The Longest Field Trip…. continued….


These are some of the photos from Day 4 of our extended Robotics “field trip” that we took from Texas to Michigan and back. I know it is late in coming, but I figured I would dish it out on a Friday when I’m supposed to be doing “Field Trip Foto Friday” anyway. If you […]

Texan in Detroit


It was brief, but I was able to snap off a few photos as we curled through downtown “Motor City” and made our way back out towards Ohio. These are just a few of the photos from the morning of Day 4 of our crazy cross-country trip to Michigan for Robofest. Of course, if you […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: The Old Mill


Time for another Field Trip Foto Friday (although this one is a day late). I typed it on Friday (in case you are grading me)… but I needed to get yesterday’s post up, too. I’m actually on retreat this weekend ~ so I wanted to be prepared to just click and post while I was […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Coleman’s Miller Mountain & Rock Shop


Coleman Miller Mountain is in Arkansas. We took this trip during the years when my kids were in 2nd and 3rd grades. It would be fun with any age group (I had as much fun as the kids)… but I suggest warning everyone FAR in advance that they need to: 1. bring food and sunscreen […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Texas Prison Museum


For those of you that enjoy my upbeat, fun and picture-happy Field Trip Foto Friday entries… you won’t be that thrilled with the lack of images in this post. The one photo above is courtesy of the prison museum website (linked under the title of this post). You’ll find plenty of other pictures on their […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Pinnacle Mountain


Pinnacale Mountain is a foothill of the Ozarks that stretch down from Missouri through Arkansas. It is the highest elevation in the central Arkansas area at over 1,000 feet above the river valley below. The Big and Little Maumelle rivers gracefully wind about the foot of the mountain giving visitors a gorgeous panoramic view from […]

Field Trip Foto Friday: Hot Springs Bathhouse & Geology Tour


Once again I’m back to my Field Trip Foto Friday series and hopefully I can stick with it for at least another few months until I can get all of the field trips I have photos from in 2004-5 reviewed for you here. This week’s review is of our fun and educational trip to Hot […]