Breaking Free, Again


I’ve done the Beth Moore ‘Breaking Free’ Bible study three times. I loved it every time, and it rocked my world… “blessed my socks off”. It was life changing. It was a decade ago. I felt like it was time to hit the books again. Just as I was about to buy the study, I […]

Honey Cookies (Better than Snickerdoodles!)

These cookies are better than snickerdoodles. If you don’t know what a snickerdoodle is, you haven’t lived. OH. YES. You don’t believe me, do you? Honest to goodness, these cookies are THE BOMB. Like a golden treasure in a hidden cave, my children and I discovered the recipe for these wonderful cookies in a children’s […]

Icons of Evolution (Book Review)

Update 2012: This is a review that I wrote for the book Icons of Evolution – by Jonathan Wells, waaaay back in my early homeschoolin’ days when I was reading Creation Science books as a hobby. We watched Kent Hovind’s Creation Seminars – if you ever have 17 hours or so to spare (as if […]