Advent Begins 2016

Amaryllis Christmas Flowers

I know it’s been a while since I blogged… in fact, I think this past November was the very first month I didn’t blog AT ALL since I began blogging in 2005. I am sure you can imagine, that a cancer diagnosis changes a lot of things, and I just let my blog take a […]

A Little Bit of Christmas Perspective

Gifts Under the Tree

I’ve been a blogger for over a decade and while I don’t see myself giving up, I’m really OK with stopping to live life and allowing a silence. It began creeping up on me over the past few years with high schoolers and preschoolers and now an elementary schooler and I’ve seen the finish line […]

A Slow December (and why that’s not such a bad thing)

Christmas Tree

Ever get the feeling that God is intentionally slowing you down? Well that’s where I’m at this 2015 Advent season. I started out on a roll, getting the tree up before Advent started… then… I caught the same cold that my four year old has had THREE times now since early November. We’ve been down […]

The Tragedy of Christmas


Day seven on this stretch of breathing treatments, wracking coughs, swollen sinuses… bronchitis is not what anyone wants in the middle of Christmas. I can be thankful, though – even as I suck on my Ricola cough drops and keep my rag handy in case the coughing begins again. Last year, on Christmas eve, we […]

Imperfect Advent and a December Instagram Challenge


It’s the 2nd of December already, and all day yesterday, I thought it was November 30th. I’ve already messed up Advent before it even began at our house. That doesn’t surprise me, though, and it won’t surprise my kids, either. Especially since we decided mid-way in to Hanukkah to celebrate that, too, this year. We […]

Free December Desktop Calendar

I put up a lovely December desktop calendar and wallpaper for your computer over at the Homeschool Post yesterday. Did you miss it? No homeschool necessary. Any Bible-loving Christian who digs Christmas would enjoy it. Pardon my pixel dust. It was my first attempt at a desktop calendar that actually “took”. You might have to […]