A Healthier Version of Egg Salad

Sprittibee's Egg Salad

I have always loved egg salad. I used to go in and request it at Jason’s Deli even though it wasn’t on the menu and they would sometimes make it for me, depending on the location. Eggs and I have had a rocky relationship in the past, and I realized after learning more about eating […]

Tex-Mex-Czech and the American Way


Family reunions bring a lot of people who look vaguely like each other together for a few hours… to eat, to play games, to drink coffee, lemonade and sweet “reunion” tea, to look at photos, to pose for pictures, and in our case this year – to feed a 20 day old bunny exotic game […]

Redneck Seafood Dinner

I had to post this. How funny is that?! The photo isn’t mine – it came over email. We are studying about whaling, seafood, sea animals and the New England coast right now. I’m not real big on cooking a lot of seafood at home. I have NEVER eaten REAL clam chowder, either… but we […]

Kentucky Hot Brown and Carrot Cake

Both of those look great, don’t they? I posted about them on my other blog. Sorry for neglecting you in here. I just haven’t had the time to update it lately. I will come back in with some recipes soon. I promise. Do any of you have a good recipe to share for a Kentucky […]

Jessie’s 4 O’Clock School-Day Goulash

My grandma had this on the table many a day when my mom and her three sisters got off the school bus and ran inside (hence the name in the title above). Goulash is such a wierd name, but that’s what my family has always called this dish. It is a really wonderful dish, so […]