How to Please God

termites of disobedience

A friend of mine, Beth Zimmerman, asked me a couple of years ago to write for her on a group blog that was sharing the about the heroes of the Christian faith and seeking to help people learn about each of them. She had a vision to write devotionals taking the reader down through the list […]

A Little Bit of Christmas Perspective

Gifts Under the Tree

I’ve been a blogger for over a decade and while I don’t see myself giving up, I’m really OK with stopping to live life and allowing a silence. It began creeping up on me over the past few years with high schoolers and preschoolers and now an elementary schooler and I’ve seen the finish line […]

Wrapping Up a Homeschool School-year and Grading the Teacher

Book Cases

So the summer has begun. I officially quit adding to the weekly assignment list spiral over a week ago and we are in our first 2 month summer break in a long while. We have homeschooled year round by necessity for the past few years because of distractions (two of them who are 6 and […]

Bless Your Feet – Part 4 (4 Part Series)


I bet you are so excited I finally got to the end of this series! Sorry about all the distractions, but you know how life is… our little feet are constantly on the move. In case you are just joining the foot discussion, you’ll be completely lost without reading post 1, post 2, and post […]

Bless your Feet – Part 3 (4 Part Series)


In case you are just joining the foot discussion, you’ll be completely lost without reading post 1 and 2 of the series first. We are talking about Spiritual Feet today… first we covered the basics, then we covered GOOD Spiritual Feet…. and now we’re talking about the BAD Spiritual Feet – and what they may […]

Bless Your Feet (4 part series) – Part 1


Why Feet? Why would I do a four part series on feet? Am I some kind of sick, twisted housewife with a foot-fetish? No. Although, while researching this topic, I ran into more information than I ever wanted to know about those who are! The internet can be a scary place. OK – What do […]